Motoring around Mayo

Somewhere in Mayo

Well thanks to McCormack’s for the loan of the wonderful Opel ADAM, we had a spin over to Mayo in the quest to get images and adventures for the Wild Atlantic Wayfarer exhibition which will take place in the Hawk’s Well Theatre from July 31st, 2015. I’m hoping to show both tourists and locals some of the great things they can do in the North West of Ireland. I’m calling myself the ‘middle-aged adventurer’.

Now things don’t always go to plan and this was the case with this trip. I was meant to be going to Achill – it didn’t happen because the place I was meant to be staying in didn’t reply to me. Thanks to Twitter along came a knight in shining armour in the form of Laurence from Belmullet Coast Guard Station. So it was a frantic change of plan with me trying to organise things to do in Erris – when I eventually realised Erris is not a place but an area and a huge area at that!

Things didn’t really work out as they were meant to. So some of the time was me walking around the place looking lost and soaked to the skin – with my waterproof coat, that isn’t waterproof at all. Not only did Laurence let me stay in one of his fabulous pods overlooking the sea he also took me on a whirlwind tour of the wonderful area where he lives and welcomed me into his home where I got to meet his lovely family.

What I really didn’t think about when I started this project was the wonderful people I would meet along the way. All with fascinating stories to tell and all so passionate about what they do. I will do various posts about the places I visited in my 18 hours in Mayo in the coming days.

I’m also going back to Erris in a couple of weeks so I’ll really be able to see and do more of the brilliant adventures they have to offer. Check out Erris Beo to find out all about the area.

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