Bad Photos of Irish Properties For Sale

Some laugh out loud photos here

John Finn Photography

Updated 11th March, 2015 is Ireland’s biggest property site and it’s a valuable resource for anyone thinking of buying or renting property. You can browse through images of houses, apartments and commercial premises from all around the country, images that have been uploaded by auctioneers and estate agents.

I would love to say that the photographs have all been well-taken – properly lit, in focus and well composed – but, alas, that is not so in a frighteningly large number of cases (if a quick browse through a random sample of properties is anything to go by).

Which prompts the question: why, if you are an auctioneer/estate agent, do you not ensure that properties are presented in the best possible way so as to entice prospective buyers/renters?

It is not good enough to use a 10-year-old compact camera to fire off a few out-of-focus shots and hope for the…

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2 thoughts on “Bad Photos of Irish Properties For Sale

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  1. Hilarious! As in, hilariously awful! Kinda like a really, really awful sci fi B movie. You know it’s awful, but you can’t stop yourself from watching it. Same with these…you keep thinking, ‘they can’t get much worse than this one…’ until you scroll down to find more that are, incredibly, even worse.

    What are these people thinking? Do they not want to sell their houses? Do the realtors not want the properties sold so they can get their commissions?

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