A Sligo Sunday

Santa and Monica

I had a lovely day in Sligo today. I had to pick up Lucy from Sligo town and we went to Osta and had pancakes for breakfast. After that we headed to Suzy McCanny’s Christmas Pop Up Exhibition Store. It’s a brilliant idea with all different artists exhibiting their work in one place, I’d love it to be a permanent fixture in Sligo. There were so many things we’d have loved to buy… I wonder if it’s too late to add them to my Santa list 😉 To find out more about it you can click here.


After Sligo town we went along to Strandhill People’s Market to see Santa arriving. He was meant to arrive by helicopter but they had a call out so he came by fire engine instead. Santa was in aid of the Donal Parsons Trust and the trust would like to thank Sligo Leader for their grotto. It was brilliant to see all the excited children…and adults!…when Santa arrived.


This is the first time we have been to the Strandhill People’s Market since it’s been moved to Sligo airport. It’s brilliant, there is so much choice and variety.

Cake pops

There was also some amazing food there including sushi, vegan, cakes and loads more. Lucy ‘borrowed’ my camera so she has the best photos, her blog is here.


After going all the way to Dublin for the market last week (and it was awful) I realised yet again we really have the best of everything right on our doorstep. The atmosphere was great and there wasn’t a burnt hot dog in sight. Well done to all involved. The rest of my photos are here and you can find out more about the market here.



6 thoughts on “A Sligo Sunday

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  1. Yes…it’s wonderful to have such great markets right on our doorstep, and I’m very proud to be a part of a few of them. Thanks for stopping by my stall for a chat.

  2. Val Robus, you are such a great lady, you give your time and skills so generously and your words and pictures show off what wonderful people and amenities we have on our doorstep.
    Thanks for your support.
    All the gang of the Donal Parsons Trust.

    1. Great photo of you and Santa, Monica! Well done to you and everyone at Donal Parsons Trust for all the work and time and love you put in to help Donal.

      And yes, I agree – a big thanks to you too, Val, for all you do.

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