Halloween in Enniskillen

Erneside reflections

On Friday (which was Halloween) we went to Enniskillen as they have their annual firework display. This is our second year of going to it and we really enjoy it, plus it’s free! It was a lovely mild night and I love the reflections from the Erneside shopping centre on the River Erne.

Enniskillen Castle

We had a look around the shops before the firework display. I’ve no idea why B&M closes at 5.30 on a Friday though, I would have thought it would be late night opening. We had our dinner at Wetherspoon, you can beat £6.75 for two dinners. I’m not even going to tell you about the miserable bit of cheesecake I had….whoops I just did! (Apologies for the rubbish pic).


We loved the fireworks, there was some music playing to accompany them although it was hard to hear it where we were standing.


There were a great crowd at it and so many people dressed up and in the spirit of things.


After the fireworks we had a look around Asda and Tesco (rock and roll!) The bread was reduced to 10p in Asda, what a bargain.


I liked the pumpkin in Tesco…too bad I hadn’t seen that before I went to Shells pumpkin carving event. Anyway that was my Halloween – all treats and no tricks (apart from the cheesecake!) The rest of my pics are here.

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