It’s a kind of magic

IMG_9740You all know how passionate I am about Sligo. Well I got to see it in a very special way on Tuesday night. Sup for all, Lough Gill Tours and Sligo Kayak Tours organised a moonlight paddle on Lough Gill under the beautiful harvest moon.

IMG_9746We arrived at Trawane Bay on the shores of Lough Gill and watched the sun setting and the moon rising. It’s a very special place, so peaceful even with all the people there.

IMG_9753We were surrounded by candles, fairy lights and were warmed by a blazing fire.

IMG_9751I was on the boat with Eddie from Lough Gill Tours and some other lovely people. I was trying to take photos but my photos really don’t do it justice. Thanks to Anna Leask for putting some of them through Photoshop for me.

Val Robus SUP 3We made our way around the Isle of Innisfree under the watchful eye of the moon. As we returned to the bay some of the paddlers were singing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and the mist started to rise on the water.

IMG_9862All in all it really was a magical experience and one I’ll remember for a long time.



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