Dublin Zoo with Canon and The Sunday Club

IMG_5234Canon-Ireland in conjunction with The Sunday Club ( a unique club for Sunday Times readers) had a photography masterclass at Dublin Zoo this weekend. I was trying to win tickets but wasn’t lucky. Lucy got invited along though and I was her +1 so off we headed yesterday morning on the 7am train from Sligo – Dublin.

IMG_5218We got to Dublin Zoo and were greeted by friendly Canon staff. We were then shown the most amazing slide show of work by award-winning photographer Mike Brown, I’m totally in awe and would love to take images even half as good as he does. He gave us some really good tips and advice…I could tell you but I’d have to kill you 😉 Ah no he was saying try to get to the same level as the animal or if you are taking a photo looking down make sure there is a good background. He also said backgrounds are almost as important as the photo itself, if you have a ‘busy’ background it will detract from the image itself. Another tip was try to get the animals doing something interesting like eating or yawning and try to get eye contact. Easier said than done…although I find it easier taking photos of animals sometimes rather than people…people have an awful habit of complaining….or saying ‘don’t take my photo’ as they brush their hair ready for a photo. You never get that with an animal 😉

She's not that into you

After our slide show and talk we got to wander around the zoo and were left to our own devices. The first thing we saw was this beautiful peacock, he was trying to impress his lady friend but she wasn’t interested in the slightest, he even wiggled his bum at her but she couldn’t care less.


Next stop was the elephants to see the new baby – the same idea as everyone else had. The baby was hiding under his mum so I didn’t get a good photo but he was very cute.


We had a lovely wander around the zoo. Mike was walking around offering advice to us as we snapped away, I’d love to see the shots he got. Lucy got some brilliant shots here is her blog about it.

IMG_5368It’d be great to go back to the zoo again, I like some of the photos I took but I think I could do better. I’d also love to go to Fota Wildlife Park one day, I’ve never been to Cork and it’s one place I’d love to visit, I’ve been told Fota is a great place.

IMG_5405When we had finished taking photos we went back to the Canon centre and got to print some of our photos out on the Canon printers. We could just insert the card into the printer and see the shots on an LCD display – no need for a computer! They came out great and it was lovely to see the shots we had just taken.

IMG_5298Thanks so much to Canon, The Sunday Times Club, Mike Brown, Dublin Zoo (including the wonderful animals) and Lucy for a brilliant day out. I learned so much and I really hope they run another event again soon. The rest of my photos are here.




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  1. Great shots, Val! I’d love to visit Fota, too, maybe it is a blog trip Green & Vibrant could try to arrange for bloggers in future. 🙂

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