Dreams can come true

Canon 100DMost of you will know that I’ve been trying to win a camera for months now. Canon had very kindly lent me a few but they always had to go back. I know I’ve been trying you all mad asking you to vote in various competitions in the hope that I would win one and it never happened. To be honest I was driving myself mad too! Anyway to cut a long story short I was talking to Anthony Grey, who is the manager of the restaurants Eala Bhan and Tra Bhan and he told me to leave it with him.

To my complete delight and amazement he phoned me later that day and said Eala Bhan, Tra Bhan, Osta and Eat Out West had all collaborated and were going to buy me my camera!!! So I am now the proud owner of a Canon 100D and to say I’m over the moon is an understatement. It just goes to show what lovely people there are out there and I’m looking forward to going on many adventures with my camera.

My sincere thanks to Anthony, Brid and Clodagh for their kindness.

11 thoughts on “Dreams can come true

  • So happy for you, I just bought a new Point and Shoot Canon SX510 for my August trip to Sligo, checked out all the links of the kind people who awarded you the camera, hope I can get to some of them, they look wonderful.

  • I absolutely love this and everytime I read about it get a right big grin on my face.

    You have a lot of fans out there (including me, moreso after meeting in person).
    Good things happen to good people 🙂

    Applause to everyone involved in arranging this for you ❤

  • Congratulations ~ we all knew you wanted a new camera. Also, how awesome of the folks at the three restaurants to combine their efforts and give you a huge surprise. Maybe we will have a few pictures of dishes they serve:)

  • I’m delighted for you, Val. I really am. You do so much – voluntarily as well – to showcase Sligo in all its beauty, and it is expressed so beautifully in each and every photograph you’ve ever shared on both your blog and your Sligo Secrets website, and your love of and for Sligo shines through. Fair play to Anthony Grey, and all the restaurants whose generosity shone through and helped to make your dream (and your dream camera) come true.

    Congratulations and again, I’m so pleased for you.

  • Thrilled you finally got your hands on the camera of your dreams. The world, Ireland and Sligo will all be richer for it, that’s for sure! Well done to those who had the vision and generosity to collaborate on this.

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