Paris in September

DSCF7698Another blog I was meant to do way before now. This time our visit to Paris, we were so lucky to have travelled this year, we don’t usually go anywhere! It was Lucy’s 18th birthday in September and she has always wanted to go to Paris so we headed there for a few days. I was going to book a package trip but when I looked up the hotels the companies were going to put us in they were in the ‘red light’ district. So with the help of Tripadvisor (who I have to say is brilliant for planning trips), I booked a hotel across from Gare de Lyon station. It was perfect as I didn’t want a repeat of Milan where we didn’t know where we were going.

Gare de Lyon stationThe hotel was basic but clean and for Paris it was a reasonable enough price. It was so handy being opposite the station as we were able to go wherever we pleased. When we arrived at the airport we each got a Navigo Découverte travel pass which covered us on all the trains and metros during our trip. You need passport sized photos for it and I’d advise bringing these with you as we were struggling to get change for the machine when we arrived.

DSCF7765We were told it’s very expensive to eat in Paris but to be honest it isn’t if you shop around. We had coffee and a croissant each morning for €2 from a little cafe just down from our hotel. We also got a three course meal the night we arrived for €7, it wasn’t great as it was all microwaved but for that price I’m not surprised.

DSCF7836We took a Batobus down the Seine and got off at all the various stops to see the sights. The kids had their student cards so were able to get a discount on the bus. We loved the Pont de l’Archeveche (Love Lock bridge). There were people adding their locks to the bridge and throwing the keys into the river, now I’m sure this isn’t at all good for the environment but the bridge is just something else.

DSCF7838We all really loved looking around Paris, there is so much to see and it’s a beautiful city. We got off the boat at Notre Dame and found a brilliant French restaurant where we got a three course lunch for €10. Lucy even tried frogs legs…but she’s more adventurous than I am.

frogs legsWe went back to the Eiffel Tower at night to see it all lit up, every hour there is a light show where all the lights twinkle so that was really special.

The next day which was Lucy’s birthday we got the train to Disneyland Paris. Honestly you haven’t seen anything until you’ve been to this place! I spent about the first half hour just gobsmacked, it’s like I’d woken up in some kind of crazy dream. Everything was just so bright and colourful….a mad place but in a good way.

DSCF8019I’d read on travel forums that if it’s someones birthday and they wear a big badge the cast members (staff) will make a big fuss of them. They did, we lost count of the amount of people who said Happy Birthday to Lucy. In face when we were buying tickets Lucy was told there was a phone call for her, it was Mickey Mouse wishing her a happy birthday!!

DSCF8160It really was a wonderful day and we went on a lot of the rides. Some of them Jono couldn’t go on to because of his spinal problem and some I wish I hadn’t gone on to especially Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom…we went upside down, it was so scary I couldn’t even scream. I think I’m still recovering!

IMG_4857For lunch we went to Cafe Mickey, now the food wasn’t great but it’s the whole deal of having the Disney characters coming around and saying hello. Even exciting for big kids like us! It was so funny because every ten minutes a birthday cake came out and everyone started singing and clapping and Lucy was ‘complaining’ that she didn’t get a cake, she didn’t realise we’d ordered one for her!!

It was brilliant!! I’m smiling just watching that back, talk about a birthday with a difference.

The parades and the light show at the end were wonderful too, it’s such a mad, magical place you can’t help but enjoy yourself and feel like a kid again. The rest of my photos from our trip are here.

The next day we came home after our few days in Paris. Andy didn’t come with us because he doesn’t have a passport and he’s not keen on travelling but when we arrived home he’d made this cake for us!





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  1. Great photos and great memories of a great time in Paris. I loved Paris too, and still remember it with great affection all these years later (it must be about 14 or 15 years now). You definitely had a better time in Paris than you had in Milan….

  2. Sounds like a great trip and a really memorable birthday for Lucy. Love Paris, likewise didn’t find eating out too expensive compared with Ireland, but it’s the accommodation which is the killer.

  3. I love Paris too. I took my 9-year-old daughter with me for a day trip (while in the UK for that James Griffin solo tour, June). I’ve been a couple more times on tour but just for a day or two. Would love to spend more time there, especially after reading a couple of Cara Black’s mysteries.

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