Return to the Famine Graveyard

IMG_6476Regular readers to the blog will know that I had been complaining about the rubbish bins placed at the remaining entrance to the Famine Graveyard in Sligo. You can read about it here and here.  I went down to St. John’s Hospital today and I’m delighted to say the bins have now been moved, thanks to all the other people who also complained about the bins. The main gate still remains locked so the only entrance is through the hospital but at least the bins aren’t at the gateway or alongside the stone wall made with stones from the former workhouse.




7 thoughts on “Return to the Famine Graveyard

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  1. They should open it during the day really cause tourists would be out wondering around & it will become more popular to go in then it was!

  2. Great news! Next step is to get them to unlock the front door during daytime or, at least, to put a sign saying how to get into the graveyard through the hospital. 😉

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