Rose of Tralee 2011

Well I wasn’t going to watch it. I refused to watch it but everyone on twitter was going on about it… I switched over and it doesn’t get any better! For those outside of Ireland, who may not have heard about it (lucky things), I’m talking about the Rose of Tralee. Which is Ireland’s version of Miss. World I suppose. Although there is more emphasis on education, personality and ‘talent’ instead of parading around in bikinis.

I had to laugh at this bit of it. What on earth happened to the band? It sounds like their batteries ran out at the end of the song!

Also what about this Rose who I thought looked like a demented chicken with anger management problems, although I don’t think that was the idea.

There are plenty more clips of the show on Youtube, if you want to subject yourself to the torture watch them.

It all reminds me of Father Ted and the Lovely Girls competition.

What I’d like to know is why is there now male version of the show? We could have the ‘Thorn of Tralee’.

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  1. That sounds like a really good idea. The winner could be crowned with a ring of thorns, and perhaps they could parade around in thorn thongs – will it catch on do you think??

  2. Great stuff as usual ,hahaha good idea ,dont know about the thongs though …..the sight of all those hairy arses lol…..just yuk …..well unless we were talking about ,let me see , Uhmmm….Jon Bonjovi to name but a few ……now thats a different story lol

  3. Haha loved your take on the Rose – thorn indeed! It is hilarious and twitter makes it fun to watch! The thought of the Thorn of Tralee conjures up all kinds of images of Baldrick in his posing pouch! I’ve linked your post of the Lough Gill trip to my post on our trip to Sligo! Just about to upload it.
    Catherine xxx

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