Summer Jam!

On Tuesday I took the kids to Dublin to see Summer Jam at the O2 in Dublin. We had booked The Gibson Hotel to stay in as it’s the handiest for the O2.

The room wasn’t ready when we got there so we were hanging around reception when Aggro Santos walked by.

He was really nice and friendly. There were other people from the show too. So we got to meet RedFoo from LMAFO and Alexis Jordan.

We were also talking to one of the organisers and he put us on the meet and greet list for Ke$ha. The kids couldn’t believe it! So over we went to the O2 and waited to meet the Lady herself. As we were there I got to meet Catherine, who is a fellow tweeter and also a member of the bloggers’ book club. It was lovely to meet her. She has done her own blog about Summer Jam.

Ke$ha was really lovely, very friendly and sweet. It was great to meet her.

The show was brilliant. It started at 7pm and didn’t finish until 11pm. I was really glad we had seated tickets because I saw some girls having to be dragged out of the standing area. RedFoo started crowd surfing during the LMFAO set, I was worried he’d get lost! He was telling us the next day he nearly lost his shoes!

When we went back to the hotel a few of the stars were there. RedFoo had headphones in and was dancing around shouting ‘party people’. It was great.

The next day when we were having breakfast he walked in on his own. When he was finished we went and talked to him. He took a photo of Lucy’s shirt!

All in all it was a great night. The kids are hoping there’ll be a Winter Jam. The rest of my photo’s are here.

About magnumlady

Photographer, blogger, hooked on social media. Based in Sligo, Ireland. Passionate about Ireland and always looking for the next adventure.

3 Responses

  1. What a great collection of photos Val! I loved meeting you and Jono and Lucy even if it was fleeting – it’s nice that we did connect and I am loving your photos as mine are nowhere as good – too far away and videoclips are giving me grief trying to upload them to YouTube but I’ll persist! A winterjam would be fun wouldn’t it?! Thanks for tagging my blog!
    Love Catherine xxx

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