Wild flowers don’t care where they grow

For some reason I still seem to be in school run mode, so am waking up really early in the morning…..daft I know.
This morning rather then sit around and wait for the rest of the household to wake up I decided to go for a walk.

So off I trot up towards the mountain and then back down into the village. I walked for over an hour stopping to take the odd photo including the one above, which are wild daisies that seem to grow all over the place here.

I’m hoping I might get to lie in tomorrow, but if not I’ll be off walking again. It’s quite relaxing really.

We had a busy day today, but I’ll tell you about that tomorrow, I’ve had a few glasses of wine this evening and am hitting all the wrong keys!

5 thoughts on “Wild flowers don’t care where they grow

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  1. We have waves of these daisies on long stalks across the verges on the major roads and they break up the monotony of any journey. I remember doing a rail journey near London and there were thousands of buddleia bushes and lupins over many miles which not only looked attractive, but no doubt sustained the insect population in an urban environment. Great picture.

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