Hoofing around Hazelwood

It was actually sunny this morning....wonders will never cease so I headed over to Hazelwood for a stroll around. It was very cold though but that didn't put off the swans falling in love. It was really quite sweet the way they were dancing around each other. There were a few other people walking and... Continue Reading →

Giddy up

Today I got to trek around Markree Castle with Caroline from Markree Stables and Ailbhe and Laura. It really is a beautiful place and so nice to see it all on horseback. Major was my horse and he was lovely. He did what he was told and I actually got to canter and stayed in... Continue Reading →

Spring in Sligo

This is an old disused house up the lane. I walk by it everyday with the dog. It's lovely to see the daffodils blooming. It's nice to think that even when people are gone they still leave a trace in someway.

Spring has sprung

Happy March 1st 🙂 It was a lovely day here today after the fog and frost cleared this morning. Thank you all for your comments yesterday and your suggestions. We have to go to a meeting on Monday afternoon so we'll see what the outcome of that will be. Some of you got in touch... Continue Reading →

The first day of Spring…..

The first day of Spring....., originally uploaded by magnum_lady. As I was driving Lucy to school this morning I heard the radio say it's the first day of Spring....shame no one thought to tell the weather! It took twenty minutes to warm Bertie up this morning and the roads were very icy. I hope it... Continue Reading →

Ha Ha said the pine marten

Ha Ha said the pine marten, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well Spring has certainly sprung (thank goodness). It was so much milder today, the snow has almost gone (although on side roads it's still bad). I took Lucy to school and then came home to look after my patients. Can you believe it's a month... Continue Reading →

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