Back to reality

Well yesterday Lucy went back to work so it was back to the old routine. I've really enjoyed the two weeks at home and it's been very difficult getting up early in the morning these last two days plus my sleep pattern has gone haywire and I'm not sleeping well at all. Hopefully I'll settle... Continue Reading →

Happy 2015

It's kind of tradition now that I post a pic of the lads looking miserable on New Year's Eve. It's mainly to show Lucy what she's missing when she's off out enjoying herself and we are plonked in front of the TV with our little buffet 🙂 One year I'd love to go to London... Continue Reading →

Farewell 2014

So the time has come to say goodbye to 2014. It's been a great year on the whole with some fantastic experiences and achievements for me. I can't list everything but here are a few highlights: The Snowy Sligo photo and how it went viral. I still don't understand it, it was only a quick... Continue Reading →

Jono before and after

Jono before and after, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Jono wanted me to do a before and after photo so he can see the difference.....and what a huge difference!!! Last night was a partial eclipse of the moon. I was hanging out of the window trying to take photos. Here's one: Andy has been bad these... Continue Reading →

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