Spotted on my travels

Over the last week or so I've noticed some daft things. The first thing was the sign above in Lidl, Sligo. What a bargain! You save nothing! The next thing was these 'Self Eat' Easter sweets in Tesco, Carrick-on-Shannon. Self eat? Well who else is going to eat them? The thing I found the strangest... Continue Reading →

Radio Gaga

I bought Andy a car radio from Lidl for Christmas. It was one of their special deals on November 21st. It's a really good radio with bluetooth and everything. The details are here. Andy is now thinking about selling his car though. So the radio is sitting un-opened in its box. I still have the... Continue Reading →

Christmas and croissants

Tesco in Sligo already have Christmas stock on display....and there isn't a sign of Halloween yet 😦 Is it just me that thinks September is way too early to be selling selection boxes? Then to add insult to injury on the next shelf are Easter bunnies.....Tesco have gone mad! Today was a big day for... Continue Reading →


Well we lead a very exciting life here. We got a deep fat fryer from Lidl yesterday had one in years (ooerr missus), so there was great excitement this evening when I decided to use it. In fact I couldn't get near it with the rest of the family crowding around. It will probably be... Continue Reading →

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