Cruising around Cavan

After my visit to Marble Arch Caves I headed back to Blacklion for a look around.  I've often driven through it on the way to Enniskillen but have only stopped a couple of times for the lovely charity shop there. So it was great to do some proper exploring.  The peace monument above is in... Continue Reading →

Lough Gill Tours

I had a wonderful day today, it was a tour of Lough Gill that was on my 'to do' list since last year.  I contacted Eddie who has a boat and runs tours.  It's brilliant because it's tailor-made to whatever the client wants.  Eddie can take you around the Lough, or to the islands.  He... Continue Reading →

Hazelwood in the rain

I had about twenty minutes to kill today and even though it was pouring with rain I headed to Hazelwood. I'm delighted I did because the bluebells are finally out. The lake was very misty but had a magical feeling about it. I know the feathers above are from the swans but I always think... Continue Reading →

Hoofing around Hazelwood

It was actually sunny this morning....wonders will never cease so I headed over to Hazelwood for a stroll around. It was very cold though but that didn't put off the swans falling in love. It was really quite sweet the way they were dancing around each other. There were a few other people walking and... Continue Reading →

Swimmers, looking for a challenge?

How about taking part in the Lough Gill Swim this year? It's a great event and raises much-needed funds for North West Hospice. There are only 9 places left for this years swim so what are you waiting for? The rest of my photos from last year are here. If you need any more inspiration... Continue Reading →

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