Where I am now

I'm still buzzing from Monday and I've been quite reflective about it all. It's been a real learning curve for me in a very good way. As you know depression hit me this year, the anxiety was always looming but the depression was a new thing. I'm going to counselling sessions, I can't say it's... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the blog

After the interesting Digital Workshop yesterday it got me thinking about the blog. Here's where you, the readers, come in. I love the blog and it will continue because it's my outlet for thoughts and feelings. I also love the interaction I get through it and I have had some fantastic experiences because of it.... Continue Reading →

Christmas Shopping in Sligo

Firstly Sligo has Christmas lights!!! After a whole lot of 'will they, won't they' the lights are up! I especially like the Rockwood Parade area of the town, I think it looks lovely. I was hoping there'd be free parking somewhere in Sligo for the lead up to Christmas as there has been other years... Continue Reading →

Grand Designs

I've always been interested in home design programmes. Imagine being able to design your own home. What kind of design would you go for? What features would your house have? Would you be minimalistic or go for the cosy, lived in look? Would you have a mansion or a cottage? In my mind I have... Continue Reading →

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