Spring has sprung

Happy March 1st 🙂 It was a lovely day here today after the fog and frost cleared this morning. Thank you all for your comments yesterday and your suggestions. We have to go to a meeting on Monday afternoon so we'll see what the outcome of that will be. Some of you got in touch... Continue Reading →

Sunday and Monday

So as you know I had to take Jono up to Crumlin for his pre-op assessment. We got the 1pm train from Sligo on Sunday. It was really busy, there were some musicians sitting opposite us and we were wondering if they were famous. Also on the train was a Harry Hill lookalike and even... Continue Reading →

Our day at the Hilton Hotel

Well yesterday was a busy day for Jono. We had a call from the Irish Daily Mail, regular readers of my blog will know that Jono was featured in the newspaper as part of their Cutbacks against Crumlin campaign. The paper had organised a day out for some of the children that were in the... Continue Reading →

Elvis the donkey?

Well it's been another beautiful sunny day here in Sligo. I managed to get the grass cut, which took about two hours. The back hadn't been done for about four weeks so it was really long. I could have done with one of the donkeys to help me cut it. Do you think the donkey... Continue Reading →

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