Havin’ a Coffee for Havin’ a Laugh

Well you all know my battle with depression and anxiety. I've had some extremely low days. Something that has helped me enormously is ┬áthe Havin' a Laugh Charity by the Rennafix Group. On the darkest days it was and still is very hard to think ahead. Knowing that there is support out there makes all... Continue Reading →

An Anxiety Update

Last week I managed to queue in the local supermarket without a glimmer of a panic attack or even a slight wobble. I thought I was cured! If I could have high-fived myself I would have done. I was thrilled walking out of the shop...I should have known it was too good to be true.... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Anxiety

It's been a while since I've written about this mainly because I wanted to see what I have found helpful in case it might be of help to others. I'm aware this isn't a one size fits all and what has helped me might not help you. I almost scream when I'm told to go... Continue Reading →

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