Strandhill, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I can't begin to tell you what a lovely afternoon I had today. You will all know that I'm on twitter and there are a few of us Sligo folk on there. So one of the men on there decided to arrange a 'tweetcaffe' (twitterholics anonymous as I call it), where we... Continue Reading →


Rescued, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well not exactly tweety pie but a bird anyway. I had a lovely day today. I was on my way to meet my friend in Ballymote for a coffee and a chat. On the way I just missed this little bird in the road. I stopped the car, he was... Continue Reading →

Freaky Friday

First of all a massive thanks to you all for your messages, you really are all brilliant! Now onto other news. Today I woke up early (still in Dublin mode). Got dressed and was in the kitchen contemplating whether or not to have breakfast when all of a sudden I noticed my kneecap moving....and could... Continue Reading →

Clowns praying for votes?

Clowns praying for votes?, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online :). The above pic was one I took for the Sligo camera club competition. The subject was a picture in a picture....which taxed my brain no end! So this was one I took. I also entered a four seasons pic which is on flickr and... Continue Reading →

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