The Marker Hotel

It’s hard to believe it’s a week ago since I went to BloggerConf. Not only did I go I was asked to speak as part of the Irish Bloggers Group about our ‘Just One Thing’ – mine one thing is here. I was so nervous and referred to myself as a dinosaur – which I felt like compared to most of the young things. I also felt old enough to be mammy to most of my fellow bloggers!

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Só Sligo – so much fun (Part 2)

So Sligo bloggers day

Following on from our evening at the Yeats Experience which you can read about here, the next day we were up bright and early and headed for Streedagh Beach, we were blessed with the weather as it was such a beautiful day. The bloggers had enjoyed their night, some of them stayed at the Glasshouse Hotel, the others at Markree Castle. As I’m a local I stayed at home (it’s a hard life 😉 ).

Prannie Rhatigan

We met Prannie Rhatigan, who launched her new guide to edible seaweed that day, which is a companion to her Irish Seaweed Kitchen book.  We had a picnic on the rocks with some wonderful buttery cheese and sea spaghetti straws, seaweed smoothies and delicious seaweed truffles.

Seaweed harvesting

Prannie took us for a walk down to the sea and explained all the different types of seaweed to us and what it’s good for. We even tried some seaweed straight from the rocks, it actually tasted really nice and not at all like I expected it to. It was very interesting hearing all about the seaweed and spending time in Streedagh.

At Eithna's by the sea After our lovely visit with Prannie we headed to Eithna’s by the Sea in Mullaghmore. This is a wonderful restaurant specialising in seafood, it has such a  friendly atmosphere and it’s a pleasure to eat here. I say it every time I come here but the food is like a work of art.

Seafood platterThis was a seafood tasting platter, there was salmon, crab, squid, mackerel, mussels and much more. We also had seaweed bread with seaweed pesto. Even the desserts contained seaweed and you’d never have guessed it. Lucy was very impressed by the waiters. She said she’d go for the food and stay for the waiters! 😉

Desserts from Eithna's by the seaI’m drooling at these looking at them now, they were fantastic. The one on the left was a lemon and carrigeen mousse, the middle is a chocolate (and seaweed) brownie, on the right is a meringue (with seaweed). After a lovely leisurely lunch it was time for Zack, Lisa, Susan and Dee to go off with Seatrails on a trek along the beach with Island View Stables. Lucy, Oonagh and I headed to Solas Spa at the Radisson Blu Hotel for some much-needed pampering.

Solas SpaI had a mini facial which was so lovely and relaxing I almost fell asleep! I’m just sorry that we were short of time as I’d have loved to have spent longer in the thermal suite (above).

The Wine Buff

We all met up again in Sligo town and headed to The Wine Buff for some gorgeous wine, cheese, bread, crackers and olives. Joe who runs The Wine Buff is a really nice man and very knowledgable about his products, I will feature him on the blog soon.


It was soon time for us to go on the Food trail. The food trail is a brilliant idea with various pubs, restaurants and cafes throughout the town offering tapas sized dishes for €5 during the food festival. I think it would be great for this to be run all through the year, it’s a great way for people to try the various places without breaking the bank. My group headed to Donaghys where we had chicken wings and a selection of desserts, which we all really enjoyed. After that it was off to Osta for their food trail special which was a trio of croquettes….and if you thought we hadn’t eaten enough we went to The Glasshouse Hotel for more food!! There was also a brilliant flash mob….I was tempted to join in but couldn’t move after all the food!

DancersIt was a fabulous day, but the food festival didn’t end there. There was a trip to Coney Island with Prannie and Tra Bhan cooked mussels on the beach. There was the great family cook off at St. Angela’s College, pizza making with Rugatino and Sligo CTC, the food market and so much more. You can see all my photos from the festival here.

On the walk to Coney IslandMy thanks again to all involved in the festival (and apologies to Berenice for chasing her around the beach with a dead crab!) Also thanks to Connacht Gold for sponsoring a lovely day.



Car Boot Sale and other things

The Green Mile

Well I have lots to tell you but haven’t had much time lately. You’ll be glad to know the painting is finished! (Well apart from a couple of windows but they don’t involve ladders so that’s OK).

The above photo is from Dublin, I took Jono there during the week…..I will tell you all about it in another blog.

It’s turned into Winter here today and is blowing a gale at the moment. We are having a stall at a car boot sale tomorrow in Collooney (hope it’s a better day!) If any of you are in or around the area between 10am and 2pm come and have a look, we have bargains galore!

Speak to you later….oh by the way I have been trying to leave comments on some of your blogs and getting error messages so I’m not ignoring you….hopefully it’ll sort itself out soon.

Rainy days and Mondays

Rainy days and Mondays, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Apologies for the ‘loud’ photo….and cheesy title.
Well I realised I’m turning into my mother…scary eh! Lucy came down for breakfast with her ever decreasing school skirt on, if it gets any shorter she’ll be able to wear it as a scarf…I made a mother type face, but said nothing.
On my way into town this morning I was listening to RTE radio 1, the Ryan Tubridy show was on and the subject was blogging. There were two well known ‘bloggers’ talking (Damien and Suzy) (, they did really well considering some of the negative comments. Then Ryan said they had Val O’Connor on the line, well I had to do a bit of a double take, for one odd moment I thought he meant me (I know…but it was quite early in the morning!). For those of you that don’t know O’Connor was my maiden name… Val was great….well she would be she’s got a great name. Her website is her if you would like a look:
I did the usual shopping. Mr. Kipling does make exceedingly good cakes….its just a shame some bugger pinched half of mine (what happened to quality control?)
Mr. Kipling
I had to stop on the way back from town at the garage. I’m trying to get Berties nct sorted out. Trust me to call just at the time when Jim from the Vicar of Dibley was trying to buy a car (OK so it wasn’t Jim but it really sounded like him).
Salesman: ‘Do you want to buy this car?’
Jim: ‘ No, no, no, no, no, yes.
Salesman: ‘Do you want to pay a deposit?’
Jim: ‘ Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no.
This went on for about two years….well thats what it felt like. Until Jim did the deal and left….phew.
On to something completely different. There is a St. Patricks Photo Festival competition coming up, some really fantastic prizes.  There are details here: good luck and if you win don’t forget who told you 😀