The Mill, Ballisodare

When we first moved to Sligo there was a lovely old mill in Ballisodare. During the 'celtic tiger' years it was pulled down to make way for 'luxury apartments'. One of the most shocking things I've read this week is a blog about what these apartments are now like. It's well worth a read.┬áThere is... Continue Reading →

Red Bubbles

Red Bubbles, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I know the photo is a bit random but I thought it would make a change to all the snow pics. So what to tell you, well we have had yet more snow and it's bloody cold. Yesterday I had to walk down to the doctors to pick up... Continue Reading →

Come on in, the doors open

Come on in, the doors open, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Lucy went back to school today, she thought she'd better go back as she has two weeks off for Easter. Jono doesn't have school on a Friday and he's still coughing so he was home. I went to see mum, when I arrived the glass... Continue Reading →

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