Connections, Conversations and Cakes

I’m absolutely shite at making friends. I think at school they should have a class to teach you how to do this 🙂 I always feel like I’m not worthy enough to be someone’s friend. That they’d think I’m odd (I am), or not funny enough, or just a bit of a loser. So in […]

I’m drawing a line under today

Some days I’m winning, everything goes right and falls into place. Today wasn’t one of those days. Firstly I went to a fabulous Tea Party for the #AskforAngela campaign. It was held in the Mayor’s Parlour and there was a great buzz of chatter so I was talking quite loudly about being careful about not […]

Saturday in Tubbercurry

I had a lovely day today in Tubbercurry. There was shopping, lunch, the library and reiki. Tanya from Reiki Concepts Therapy has her practice there, I went to her just after my mum died and my energy was through the floor, I’m came out of there bouncing! Tanya told me things on both occasions that […]

Blooming lovely

When I was in my old job this plant used to sit on my desk. I would talk to it, water it and generally look after it. In the three and a half years I was there it did nothing. When I left my job I took it with me, 7 months on and it […]

Paranormal Investigation at King House, Boyle

I know some people don’t believe in the paranormal but I’ve had lots of experiences in the past that cannot be explained. Laurence told me about an event taking place at King House so I went along to take part in the investigation. Firstly I have to say it was a lovely group of people. […]

Gym’ll Fix It

Well I’ve bitten the bullet and joined a gym. Kilronan Castle have a great deal on off-peak membership and it’s on my way to work – so I’m giving it a try. It’s also in a lovely scenic location (the photo above is the driveway). Summer came – minus the weather, so I sat on […]