DJ for a Day

One of the things on my bucket list was to try my hand at being a DJ. I’ve always been interested in radio since I was a young thing. My uncle had lots of different radios all over his house, all tuned to different stations and bands, and all playing at the same time! He […]

Forest Meditation

This morning I went along to Tubbercurry to join Reiki Concept Therapies in their Forest Meditation session. I must confess I’m rubbish at meditation. It’s hard the keep the hamster that seems to run around on his wheel in my head still for a few minutes. I really like Tanya from Reiki Concept Therapies, she’s […]

Coming back to me

It’s been a good week. I was contacted by some friends so I got to meet them for coffee and a much needed chat. Talking to others really does help in all things. I feel much more grounded than I had been, more together. I’ve learnt quite a lot about myself in the last month. […]

Tuesday Treats

Firstly the insomnia has gone missing thankfully. I found a new trick, counting down from 100, I can only get to 96 and I’m asleep. I’ve also gone from clenching all my muscles (including my jaw) in my sleep to having really vivid dreams. It’s quite hard to wake up from them too, they feel […]

Happy Social Media Day

Today is Social Media Day and along with a chance meeting with one of my lovely blog readers it’s reminded me how much Social Media means to me. It’s really something special to realise that there are people out there who care even if you’ve never met them before. Without Social Media I probably wouldn’t […]

Relaxation and a reading

It’s been a nice weekend, a bit of everything. I had a psychic reading yesterday because I kept thinking about having one and was intrigued about what, if anything, would come up. I’m quite skeptical about psychics I have to say. Over the years I’ve had a couple of good readings but I’ve had some […]