Feeling the love

Well I finally got to sleep last night, although I’m shattered today. There have been some lovely moments over the last couple of days though. Yesterday a friend gave me a ‘covid’ present, a pug mug, which I absolutely love. She also got me a Bleeding Heart plant, which I’d been after for a long […]

A new kind of normal

I’ve tried to write over the last number of days but couldn’t. Life has changed, is changing, for everyone. There should be comfort in numbers, knowing that we aren’t alone, but there isn’t. Mother’s Day came and went. A day I wouldn’t previously have paid much heed to, this year was different. The first year […]

Limbo Land

It’s hard to believe it’s only a week since the corona virus really kicked off here in Ireland. I was fairly calm but I’m finding the news (and fake news) quite hard to deal with and I go from being calm to being slightly panicky. I knew I had to go out today so I […]

St.Patrick’s Day 2020

Well this was a day with a difference and something I wouldn’t have thought would ever happen. The St. Patrick’s Day Parades all over Ireland got cancelled due to the corona virus, so instead of having a day going to parades and taking photos I had a day at home. So many things are closed […]

Friday the 13th

It’s an uncertain time. Ireland is in lock down with the schools and colleges closed. This morning it was announced that local mass is also cancelled – and the bingo. We’ve been busy on Sligo Hub making a list of cancellations and people willing to help, it’s at times like this that the kindness of […]

Sunday Thoughts

Welcome to my what seems like a regular Sunday post. Firstly I’m delighted it’s March, the last two months have seemed so long, we have been bombarded by storms and general doom and gloom – viruses, floods, you name it the world has it. For me it was a strange week. Mostly good but some […]