All about that cake

It’s been a strange few days. I’ve written several blog posts and deleted them. It would have been my mum’s birthday on Saturday, the first one since she died and while we weren’t close in the last few years it was still playing on my mind. It was also my birthday yesterday, I was working […]

The day of love

Happy St. Valentine’s Day. Valentine was the patron saint of lovers, epilepsy and bees, among other things – including the plague it seems. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but it’s usually the unofficial start of my birthday celebrations. It’s also a year since I picked up my car – that year fairly flew. I went […]

Sunday morning ramblings

I was thinking back over the last week, having been rudely awoken by Storm Ciara and the neighbour’s gate banging against the wall. A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Damien Mulley if I’d be interested in being interviewed for his blog. If you don’t know Damien he’s a really good guy, he’s […]

Yay for the weekend

It’s been a really busy week, lots of different things happening and various things mulling around in my head so it was nice to have a quiet Saturday. I had a wander into town for an hour. I love the charity shops so I got into a few of them today, I was looking for […]


There must be something about the 4th of February. Firstly it’s my lovely father-in-law’s birthday, secondly it’s 11 years ago since I started the blog! I remember the day all too well, we’d recently moved house, my parents weren’t well and I just decided to type. There was no plan, it was just a way […]

Sunday random roundup

I haven’t done a catch up blog post for a while so I thought I’d write one. I’m 12 days into Dry January and all is going well, I have to say I’m not missing alcohol at all so that’s a good sign. I’m also still eating healthily and haven’t had any cake, considering I […]