Sunday Thoughts

It's been a fairly good week for me. I've felt quite settled. I've been to a couple of places, socially distanced and wearing a mask. It's been a bit strange because although I felt comfortable at the time I slept very badly afterwards. I'm guessing it might have been because I was talking to people,... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

Welcome to another Sunday Thoughts post. I hope you are all doing OK. It's hard to think we are now in July, looking at the weather you wouldn't know it. Phase 3 of the Covid plan began at the end of June, and before that I'd already seen more people around. Sligo town has got... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Thoughts

I didn't get around to doing a Sunday thoughts post so here's a Tuesday one instead. It's been a busy few days and a lot of interesting things have happened. I was delighted to be have my photography featured on the Lily Lolly Craftfest page. There are some wonderful artists featured on there so I'm... Continue Reading →

A catch up

It's been a while since I wrote anything. The last couple of weeks have been very busy. The lads had their birthdays and it was also our wedding anniversary and mum's anniversary. A lot of thoughts and emotions. We'd hoped (or rather I'd hoped) we'd have a couple of days away for our anniversary, but... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

This is a mixed bag of Sunday thoughts. Jono turned 27 during the week, it's strange having a birthday during a pandemic, we made the best of it. I'm proud of the man that Jono has become, he's brave, intelligent and inspirational among other things, he's also very funny. I'm so grateful that I'm his... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Woods

I went off exploring today. One positive from staying within the 5km where I live is finding new places, or exploring old places. I parked in Glen Wood, which is a lovely forest walk but I was looking for the famine village that I visited previously with the Coolaney Drawing Group. Before I went looking... Continue Reading →

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