Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, Sockies, shook, Squid Game; that kind of sums up this blog post. It’s been a really exciting ten days or so.

I’m absolutely over the moon to have won a Sockies award, I really didn’t expect it and I haven’t fully recovered! I won the Social Media Strategy: SME category. It was for the Love your county days that I hosted. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the event although I had my ticket. You know what the old anxiety can be like, and I’d have been on my own, in Dublin. So I sat at home and watched the proceedings unfold on twitter, and I almost fell off the chair when I saw I won! When I finally calmed down I celebrated by loading the dishwasher. All rock and roll in this house. I have to say a huge thanks to Damien, Niamh and Sean, who made sure I got my award. I really am beyond thrilled to win a national award and I’m still shook. You can see all the winners and runners-up here:

I took myself off exploring this week. I went to Doolough, Louisburgh and Westport. I’ve written one blog post and have more to write. I love heading off and finding out about different places. I picked the perfect day weather wise, full of dramatic skies and rainbows. It was a little bit of magic, I love these magical mystery tours, it’s all about expecting the unexpected, and we have so many fantastic places in Ireland just waiting to be discovered.

I’m still painting, I love listening to the brush glide against the canvas, it’s very relaxing. I was thrilled to be given some water mixable oil paints and I’m really enjoying painting with them. I can’t use conventional oil paints due to the smell but these ones are brilliant, there’s just a slight smell of linseed from them, and that takes me back to my childhood and putting putty around the windows – yes it was a bit like that my childhood. You can buy some of my paintings on Etsy.

I’ve just finished watching Squid Game on Netflix, I’d heard all the hype and wanted to see what the fuss was about. It’s very violent and graphic, not for the fainthearted but I enjoyed it, if enjoyed is the right word. I liked seeing the relationships between the characters and I thought the idea for the programme was interesting. It reminded me of a much more graphic version of The Hunger Games. I’ve also recently finished watching Season 3 of You, another programme that had me hooked, I started feeling sorry for Joe – that’s a bit weird if you’ve seen the show! I’ve also watched Maid, this was hard-hitting but in another way and it did bring back some old memories, it was very well acted though.

I’m hanging up my headphones on BCRFM, the radio show was a bucket list dream of mine. It was meant to be a one-off and ended up being over 2 years! It was great fun but time for me to move on. It’s been suggested I have a podcast but number one I’m sick of the sound of my own voice and number 2 does the world really need another podcast? I don’t think so. You can hear some of my previous shows here. Thanks to BCRFM for giving me such an amazing opportunity, for Mayo North for sponsoring my show, and to Jono for working his magic.

So there you have it, my Sunday thoughts for this week. I’m staying away from the C words for now (Covid and Christmas).
I hope you are all keeping well and thanks for reading.

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