Aah Bristol

You’ll probably only get the title if you remember the Bisto advert. Anyway before I start rambling. I’m just back from a couple of days in Bristol. I’d never been before but with return flights at €24.99 it was too good a deal to miss – and I had a bit of a fear of flying I wanted to get over.

In just 50 minutes I’d left Ireland West and landed in Bristol. There’s a very handy bus (the airport flyer) that will bring you right into Bristol City Centre with various stops along the way. I stayed in The Berkeley Square Hotel, it was grand, the free Harvey’s Bristol Cream was a nice touch and helped me sleep even though there were parties downstairs.

For the first evening I went to ZaZa Bazaar for dinner – this place is amazing! There’s food from all over the world and such a huge variety and it’s all you can eat! I had the biggest mixture I’d ever had from sushi and olives to mashed potato and naan bread….and as for the desserts – all kinds of everything, including a chocolate fountain and a whippy ice cream machine! I ate far to much and rolled out of the door.

I had a ticket booked for We The Curious Sound Planetarium show of The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. It was on in the dome that you see in the photo above. I really enjoyed it, it was a great way to experience the album.

The next day I was up bright and early and off searching for squirrels. I didn’t have to look to far as there were quite a few in Berkeley Square where the hotel was.

I also headed up to Brandon Hill Park and saw loads of squirrels and all kinds of birds including a jay which I’ve only seen a couple of times before. I felt like Snow White with all the wildlife around me. I walked up Cabot Tower (all 80 narrow, spiral steps) and enjoyed the view over Bristol.

I had breakfast in Cowbee – delicious! Took a walk around Bristol Cathedral – which is just stunning and it was time for my next adventure. I’d booked a Street Art Walking Tour with Where the Walls. I joined around 30 other people and our tour guide John gave us all ear pieces so that we could hear him clearly. This tour was excellent, John showed us street art that I’d previously missed, even though I walked down some of the roads.

I found out loads about the various types of street art and some of the artists involved including, of course, Banksy. John took us to an area of Bristol called Stokes Croft, this place is so cool. There’s street art everywhere and some really unique shops including quirky vintage shops.

St. Nicholas Market was my next place to visit. This is a fantastic market with all kinds of goodies. I was actually too full up for cake (what’s wrong with me!) I loved the little flea market part outside too. There was a great buzz in this area with weddings going on at the registry office. All the passersby cheered when the couples emerged. It was a really lovely atmosphere.

To add to my purrfect trip I visited You & Meow Cat Cafe. I’ve been to a few cat cafes and this is probably the most laid back one I’ve been in. Even though there were quite a lot of people the cafe is very zen, with calm music and decor.

The cat cafe is near Bristol Hippodrome and they happened to have The Lion King running. On the off chance I asked if there were any tickets left. Bearing in mind it was Saturday night I didn’t think I had a hope but there was one ticket left! It was right at the back but I was really lucky to get to see the show. It’s amazing!

I was heading home on Sunday but before I did I went back to Brandon Hill Park and took a stroll to Cliftonwood to see the colourful houses. I walked along the river, visited The M Shed Museum (which is great – and free) before heading back to catch the bus.

Bristol – home of Banksy, Blackbeard, Cary Grant, Harvey’s Bristol Cream, Fry’s Chocolate, Aardman Animations and of course The Clifton Suspension Bridge – to name a few. Yet when you mention Bristol to people most tell you to visit Bath, now that I’ve been to Bristol I’d really recommend it. It’s probably one of the best short breaks I’ve ever had. There’s loads to see and do, I didn’t get to see all the things I wanted too but I did do a lot. It also seems to be a real party town and there’s a lot of students, which all adds to the buzz. It’s quite a hilly town so depending on where you stay be prepared for a lot of hill walking. I loved the variety of things to see and I loved how friendly the people are.

Would I go back again? For sure!

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  1. A great post, my goodness you certainly packed in a huge amount. It is so good that people can come to Bristol and find so much to do.

    John Nation is the beating heart of street art and graffiti in Bristol and you were privileged to have a tour with him. He used to run the youth club where Banksy and other young street artists learned the ropes.

    So pleased that you would like to return. As for Bath… it is nice, but not quite as vibrant as Bristol.

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