Furbo Dog Camera

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you’ll know I have two gorgeous rescue dogs. Rocket-dog Arthur Biscuit and Puggly. I always wonder what they are up to when I’m not at home so I was delighted when I was sent a Furbo Dog Camera to try.

Firstly it was very easy to set up. You download the app on your, connect the device and away you go. I tried it in the house first so I was upstairs and I could see the dogs downstairs. I could even talk to them! And throw them treats, you swipe on your phone and the Furbo throws a treat! It’s such a clever gadget.  (Ignore the messy house!)

The test was when I was in town and sure enough I was able to open the app and see the dogs. I could zoom in if I needed to and there’s even a barking alert so you will get notified if your dog is barking. I found out Puggly barks quite a lot when I’m not home, but I was able to talk to him and he settled down.

One of the funniest moments was when I was out and I got a barking alert notification so I went onto the app to find it was Andy playing music. I freaked him out by talking to him through the Furbo! I suppose for privacy sake you’d only use it when there was no one else in the house except your pets.

The only minor downside were finding treats that work well with it. I was sent some along with the Furbo and they were too light to fire out of the machine so they got stuck, eventually when I tossed the treat button a few times they came out. So if anyone has any suggestions on what treats to use that would be great.

You can read more about the Furbo Dog Camera here and if you buy one from that site and add the code magnumlady50 you will get £50 discount (this is for delivery to the UK – in Ireland you could also order from here and use ParcelMotel or similar). Or you can also order from Amazon.

You can see the Furbo in action on The Ellen Show:

Disclaimer: I was sent the Furbo Dog Camera so I could write a review. No money has changed hands and these are my own thoughts about the Furbo.

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