All about that cake!


Yesterday I went along to Galway to visit the Galway Bake Fest. It was a long bus journey from Sligo to Galway and I got the early bus so I would be a Leisureland for 10am when the festival opened, it was a bit late opening though so if I go again next year I’ll get the later bus.

I do love a bit of cake, the ones on display were amazing! As usual I took too many photos so I’ll just share a few here and you can look at the others on Flickr.

Wild Atlantic Way

One of the competition themes was the Wild Atlantic Way. The top one certainly has my seal of approval 😉 I love the lighthouse one too. Purely from a photography point of view I wish the wall at the back was painted or a white screen put up as it detracts from the cakes.

Kids cakes

There was also a section for cakes made by children…wow! Such talent out there!

Hayley's Farm

This cake was made by a 5-year-old!! I think I’ll just give up making cakes!

Wedding cake

How about this for a wedding cake? It must have taken days to ice.


As well as the cakes there were also stalls and cooking demos. I got to try some Solaris tea which was very nice and bought some lovely pastries.

Cheese pastry

You can find out more about the Bake Fest here. There will be some more blog posts about Galway. I really enjoyed my day there.

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