A week of firsts

10308216_10152436594177424_2378933900394408714_nIt’s been a busy week with a lot of firsts for me. The biggest was probably my exhibition which started yesterday and runs until October 25th. I’m really not great with people so I thought I could just put the pics up and not be there. I was convinced otherwise though (thanks friends!) so I got to meet some lovely people who came along and had some great chats. I loved hearing what photo everyone liked best and also loved seeing photos that other people had taken. The big thing that came out of it was that people would like to see my photos on greetings cards so that’s something for me to think about. I also raised a bit of money for Sligo Animal Rescue so thank you to the people who came along and supported me and the charity.

Also I’d like to thank (oscar type speech!!) Berenice for the lovely food (if you need any catering done for parties etc. she is the lady to call)  and for always being there with her encouragement, nothing was too much trouble. Likewise my beautiful daughter Lucy, another great help and support. Andy and Jono (behind the scenes) and of course Rocket-dog the inspiration. Thanks to the people who came along to say hello and drop some coins into the charity box (we won’t mention the 11 cents…whoops I just did!) Ciaran McHugh for taking the pic above (I forgot to take pics!)

Thanks to Marleen and all at Angelworld for giving me the use of their beautiful room and for all their help, Joe from The Winebuff Sligo for the wine, Tony from Hearts Desire for the coffee Vanessa Scanlon for picking everything up. The Glasshouse for lending me glasses and giving us ice. Core Concepts and DigiCreatiV for printing images for me to sell in aid of Sligo Animal Rescue. Tara McGowan for her help with the easel. Medbh and Siobhan (and Berenice and Lucy) for their help with hanging the pics. Brendan Tierney for his help and advice and for letting me borrow the big pics. All the people who came along to say hello, have a chat, purchase postcards and show me their photos. Jacintha for the huge box of chocolates and all her support. Sligo Today for the great write up.


IMG_2749Now for the other firsts this week. I’ve started back learning. I’m now at drama again, which I love. We are doing Fetac Level 4 this year, I realised how much the drama has helped with my confidence after yesterday and I’m looking forward to learning more. I’ve also started my first ever photography course, it’s very exciting. Peter Wilcock is teaching and he’s a fantastic photographer, I’m inspired already and I’m hoping to improve.

I’ve also started a pottery course which is very interesting. I was imagining something from the film Ghost….but it wasn’t like that at all! I’m sure the rest of the class think I’m mad; us beginners made a pinch pot and the others were decorating their ones with flowers and I had to be different and made a dog. Mine is going to be a bowl for Rocket-dog!  Rachel Quinn is great teacher, very patient and inspiring and makes the most amazing things. I’m looking forward to the next class. (By the way that’s not me in the video below 😉 )

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  1. Congratulations Val! It sounds like a great success, and I think greetings cards is a great idea. What about small framed prints or posters too? I would happily have your photos on my wall 🙂

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