Pancake Day

Pancake DaySo today was Pancake day, I was very good and only had one instead of the usual 15!! In honour of the day of course I had to toss the pancakes. I’ll never forget when Jono was little and he announced to his teacher and class that I was the best tosser in the village! I hope he meant pancakes!!

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  1. I’m still smiling while thinking of his ‘best (pancake) tosser’ comment about his lovely mum.

    Great ‘action’ shot of you doing the actual ‘tossing’, yesterday. We tossed the pancakes, but also did the waffles (in the brand new waffle maker we got at Lidl the other day). Waffles are lovely, but pancakes rule! Especially on Pancake Tuesday.

      1. They were especially and extra tasty once I added a wee bit of Nutella and thin slices of banana. And oh! In the batter, I added some ground walnuts. Yum!

        The one we got at Lidl (an impulse buy, believe me) was only 11 euros. While I always try to buy local, Lidl has quite a few goodies at amazing prices that are hard to say no to.

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