The Children’s Book A. S. Byatt

This book was the chosen book by the BBC (Bloggers book club) for June.

I’m ashamed to say I failed 😦 I got the book from the library, it’s over 600 pages and was a hardback copy. It weighed as much as my Argos catalogue…and the effort of trying to lift it was very off putting! I’m sure I’ve done some kind of untold damage to my arms!

Anyway to cut a long story short. I read about 150 pages. It was very descriptive. The author described everything. I know now so much about glazes for pottery that I’m thinking of taking it up as a hobby 😉 There were also so many characters I found it so difficult to try and fathom out who was who.

It kept popping into my head a comment I had read last month on a BBC members blog….it said life is too short to read something you aren’t enjoying….so I gave up.

I’m sure the other members will have read it and done reviews. Marian has them all listed here

6 thoughts on “The Children’s Book A. S. Byatt

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  1. I have to admit that I skim read a lot of the descriptions of pottery glazing, not to mention trying to keep up with who is who but over 400 pages in, I’m sticking with it! Tis a tad academic for a summer read tho.

  2. I’m with you Val. It just didn’t grab me enough to keep me going, and all those long words were too much for late night reading!

  3. I didn’t get through it either – so I gave up and am now enjoying next month’s book. Life is indeed too short to spend time on books you feel dubious about. there are enough good books out there to read.
    At least you got further than I did!
    all the best, Catherine.

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