The Hobby Workshop – Sligo Leader

Yesterday I went to a Hobby Workshop hosted by Sligo Leader. It was a very informative couple of hours. We heard from people involved in different hobbies and how it enhances their lives, we also heard how certain hobbies can help with finding a job. What stayed with me though was the personal stories. Before... Continue Reading →

The Art of Coffee

Today I went on an introduction to becoming a Barista course - that's barista as in the coffee not barrister as in the court (sadly). I still don't know what I'd like to be when I 'grow up' so it's nice to explore options. I tried my hand at coffee-making when we had the pop-up... Continue Reading →

Hidden Histories

I was delighted to go along to the 'Hidden Histories' Book Launch in Sligo today.  I volunteered to do some research and take photos for the project which was run by Sligo Leader. I really enjoyed it and it was great to find out more about Sligo especially the places I researched: Markree Castle, Temple... Continue Reading →

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