Sunday Thoughts

It seems like ages since I've done one of these blog posts, it's been a busy time. I've found myself going out and about with the camera a bit more, which is quite unusual as I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. I love bluebells though, so it's encouraged me to... Continue Reading →

Paintings for Sale

I have a lot of paintings all over the place. I'm going to sell them for a number of reasons, I'd like to help charities so 50% of all sales will go to Flourish. I'd also like to buy some more paint and canvases. Have a look and if there's anything you are interested in... Continue Reading →

Focus on Artists – Catherine Mc Gagh

I first discovered Catherine's work when she had an exhibition, alongside Marie Evans, in the Solas Art Gallery in Leitrim. The exhibition was online and was just beautiful; ‘Merlin’s Healing Beech Tree, the Art of Soul Retrieval’ - 'An exhibition of paintings with audio about a healing journey through art and simple but profound words.... Continue Reading →

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