Havin’aLaugh Coffee Mornings

  I was just chatting to Tommy Marren on Mid West Radio about the Social Coffee Mornings in The Blind Tiger, Sligo. I explained about why the coffee mornings came about due to my mental health issues and I told Tommy all about the Havin'aLaugh Charity and how it helped me so much. Last year... Continue Reading →

A stumble – not a fall

You might have read my blog post from yesterday about my fairly disastrous day. Well today is a new day so it required me to pick myself and dust myself off. I did feel myself slipping back a bit but I won't let myself go back to that dark place. I feel like I'm in... Continue Reading →

Sunday Reflections

I went along to The Change Your Mind Festival today. This morning my old friend anxiety was back and I really didn't want to go. In hindsight I should have listened to myself but I didn't want to let anyone down. So now I'm thinking by not wanting to let anyone down I kind of... Continue Reading →

Negative Nancy

I thought I was doing really well at this positive attitude malarky but I haven't got it under control just yet. I was doing so well until today, I thought I'd been asked to speak at an event - I was thrilled at the beginning but I didn't get a reply to the email that... Continue Reading →

Done with Dieting

As I sit here mindlessly scrolling through Social Media - sure what else would I be at on a Sunday morning? One thing jumped out at me, it was #DonewithDieting. There is a backlash against a weight loss company who have offered free membership to those aged between 13-17. I'm not going to go into... Continue Reading →

Turning a Corner

  Thank you to The Sligo Champion for publishing my article about my mental health issues this year, I know many readers aren't local so I'm also sharing the article on here. I hope it's of help. This year took me on a journey I never expected to go on. I never thought I had... Continue Reading →

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