Good News Sunday

Old news now really but firstly my cow photo, (well she's not my cow...but you know what I mean), won the Sligo section of the Look West Fine Things photo competition. There was a piece on SligoToday about it. I was asked for a few words by the Sligo Weekender who are going to do... Continue Reading →

A shameless plug

I entered a photo competition on Look West's facebook page. I'm delighted that two of my photos got shortlisted from 750 to the final 50. The only trouble is now that it's a voting competition which is great if you have loads of friends but I don't 😦 I would love to win a hamper... Continue Reading →

Hamper Time :)

Back in November I entered a competition from Look They were asking for photo's from Roscommon. I entered the photo above which is one of the 'Boyle' donkeys. These guys live beside the forest park and as you drive passed they look over the wall 🙂 So I have to stop and say hello. I... Continue Reading →

August in Sligo

  We had no electricity today. It was fun and games trying to make toast over the gas hob. It was a dark old day so we decided in the end to go into town. I had a voucher for The Tobergal Cafe that I won in a photo competition for the SO Sligo food... Continue Reading →

Capture a Sligo Summer Moment

I entered a photo competition on 'Look West'. I'm delighted to say that two of my photos got into the final. The above photo is one of them and the other one is below. So both these photos will be in an exhibition in the Capture gallery in Sligo. I can't wait to see them,... Continue Reading →

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