S is for Sligo. Sligo is a beautiful county on the North West coast that I am privileged to live in. Sligo really has the best of everything. From mountains to forests. Beaches to lakes...and everything in between. I never tire of the beautiful scenery. The only thing that would make Sligo better is if... Continue Reading →


My Q for the A to Z blogging challenge is Quiet. I had a busy day with my child having a dentist appointment and the other one a doctor's appointment. I shouldn't call them children but they are still my children...anyway I digress. I had twenty minutes to myself so I headed to Hazelwood, it's... Continue Reading →

Hoofing around Hazelwood

It was actually sunny this morning....wonders will never cease so I headed over to Hazelwood for a stroll around. It was very cold though but that didn't put off the swans falling in love. It was really quite sweet the way they were dancing around each other. There were a few other people walking and... Continue Reading →

March 1st, 2013

I've been in Dublin for a couple of days so I'll blog about that later. It's been a wonderful few days, it's really felt like Spring. I picked up Rocket-dog today he was staying at Lough Bo Boarding Kennels and had a brilliant time!! We headed to Hazelwood forest for a walk. It was so... Continue Reading →

A bit of an all kinds of everything blog. Firstly I took Rocket-dog to Hazelwood today, hence the photos. It was a lovely day. I love the leaves changing colour. Rocket-dog seemed to enjoy himself, he's been asleep most of the afternoon but he did find time to start his own blog. Who knows they... Continue Reading →

Lost in Hazelwood

On Thursday I had a bit of time to kill before I had to pick Jono up for an appointment so I decided to go to Hazelwood Forest in Sligo. It's always lovely to walk around there, especially when the sun is shining...which it kind of was on Thursday. The bluebells are still out but... Continue Reading →

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