Things to do in Sligo, July 2018

A little redirect. I'm now posting most of the Sligo events over on Sligo Hub. So if you are looking for something to do in Sligo for the month of July or are just looking for Sligo suggestions in general head to the hub 🙂

Things to do in Sligo – June 2017

If you live in Sligo or are coming to visit in June there are so many things happening. Here are just some suggestions for you, get a coffee and see what grabs your attention. The Free Walking Tours of Sligo starts on June 1st from the Sligo Tourist Office at 11am on weekdays. The Big... Continue Reading →

Home for the Holidays

Some of you may have come back to Sligo for the Christmas break so I thought I'd do a few suggestions of things to do. Wednesday 28th December: The Model will be holding a top-secret " Family Sing-along Movie Screening". This is at 1pm, all are welcome and it's free! Thursday 29th December: If you happen... Continue Reading →

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