The most wonderful time of the year?

It's the most wonderful time of the year, or is it? It's pretty blooming stressful to be honest. Managing the shops is hard enough at the best of times without the added crowds and noise that this time of year brings and why do companies think sending bills just before Christmas is a good idea?... Continue Reading →

Simply Sligo – Gift Ideas

Sligo have a great variety of shops and markets, OK so we don't have Marks and Spencer but we do have some unique places to shop. I've decided to do a post of gift ideas....all of these are aimed at me to be honest! I've decided if I like them, some of you will.  ... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Birmingham

Last weekend me and Jono were in always it was on a budget but it was nice to get a couple of days away even though we lived on sandwiches  and hotel room picnics 🙂 Birmingham is home to the largest Christmas market of its kind outside of Germany. It was very festive although... Continue Reading →

Winter Warmers

It's the season to treat yourself, well that's what I'm telling myself anyway! Sligo is an amazing place for food - but what about the drinks? Here are some of the best Winter Warmers out there. Gingerbread Hot Chocolate - Hearts Desire. They already have one of the nicest hot chocolates in town, made with... Continue Reading →

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