The early bird

I'm an awful eejit sometimes - today was one of those times. I turned up to an event a week early! Drove all the way to Carrick-on-Shannon walked into the venue and as soon as I did it dawned on me I was a week ahead of myself!   It's not the first time I've... Continue Reading →

An L of a Day

In case you are wondering about the title it's just that yesterday contained a lot of L words: Lucy, Leitrim, Lena's, Laurence and Longford and that would have made too long of a blog title! We've had a lovely week with Lucy back home for the mid-term break. It's been great having her around the... Continue Reading →

Sunday on the Shannon

Just a very quick blog for today. It's a day off the A to Z challenge. Today we headed to Carrick-on-Shannon to go to the car boot sale and have a look around. It stayed mostly dry while we were there which was nice. We didn't get much, there are too many traders at the... Continue Reading →


We went to Carrick-on-Shannon today for the first car boot sale after Christmas. We were hoping it would be a really good one...but it was rubbish. The weather probably didn't help, it was misty and raining a bit and it was blooming cold. So we decided to go bowling, we haven't been in years. I... Continue Reading →

Spotted on my travels

Over the last week or so I've noticed some daft things. The first thing was the sign above in Lidl, Sligo. What a bargain! You save nothing! The next thing was these 'Self Eat' Easter sweets in Tesco, Carrick-on-Shannon. Self eat? Well who else is going to eat them? The thing I found the strangest... Continue Reading →

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