Thinking of the next adventure

Well not an adventure but I wanted to do some kind of part-time course. In previous years I've done drama but I decided there's enough drama in my head to keep me going. I really wanted to do an art class but the ETB isn't running one and there's nothing on during the day so... Continue Reading →

Seeing Red

In case you are wondering what this pic is all about I've started a new part-time course. It's a course about film making and this photo gave me the idea for a script I'm writing. The story is called 'Seeing Red' - not sure if I'll post it here yet as it's a bit rubbish.... Continue Reading →

It’s never too late to learn

I've done a few courses over the last year. The first one was computers, the second a cooking and budgeting course and the third and by far my favourite was drama. It may surprise people but I'm actually very shy in real life - even though sometimes I don't seem to be and it was... Continue Reading →

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