Chilling at Cromleach Lodge


The lovely people in Cromleach Lodge came up with a very special birthday present for me when they invited me along to their Ciúnas Spa, now my birthday was in February but I was waiting for the weather to improve because the scenery from Cromleach is just stunning. Lucy came along with me and we enjoyed a fabulous day.


When we arrived we were welcomed by Celine, the spa manager, who let us relax in a fantastic lounge while we filled out our consultation forms. We were both starving because we’d been feeding donkeys (another blog post will follow about that), so we ordered a much-needed lunch. To start with we had herbal tea, I had mixed berry, which was lovely. We were also given Moira’s famous biscuits.


I had a ham, cheese and onion toasted sandwich and Lucy had a cheese and tomato ciabatta. Both were served with a lovely salad. There were lots of books and magazines we could read while we were having our lunch and relaxing. I really enjoyed reading about the Cromleach walks. When Andy and I went along for dinner there last year we checked out the labby walk. I really must go back and do it again, I did mention it to Lucy but she’s not a fan of walking. So here’s one I took earlier ;)

Labby Walk

The spa is set over three floors with a magnificent picture window overlooking the breathtaking views of Lough Arrow and the Bricklieve Mountains. If I had a view like this I’d never watch the telly, it really was stunning.


After our lunch Celine showed us to the thermal suite. We made a rush for the outdoor jacuzzi, again we had the stunning views to look at.

Cromleach Lodge


After a little while in the jacuzzi we went into the sauna and steam room. Both were lovely, I really liked the changing coloured lights in the steam room…there’s no photo because I would have broken the camera with the steam….so you’ll just have to go and see for yourself ;)

Hydrotherapy Bath

We both had different treatments booked. I had the hydrotherapy bath, which was very nice, although I would have liked it to be warmer. I do like a nice hot bath and it was just a bit too cold for me. Lucy had a makeover which you can read about on her blog.

seaweed bath

Next time I go to the spa I’m going to try out the seaweed bath. It’s a fabulous double bathroom, again with the stunning views and although you can look out it has mirrored glass so no one can look in. It would be amazing to be in a seaweed bath as the sun is setting.


After my bath I had a shower because I love Voya products and the spa use them :)  I came away from the spa feeling more relaxed than I have in a long time and I had such a fantastic night’s sleep that night. Sincere thanks to Amy, Celine and all the staff at Ciúnas Spa and Cromleach Lodge for such a lovely day.

Walk With the Sligo Samaritans


Samaritans Sligo are celebrating 30 years working with the Sligo community. To celebrate this milestone, they are looking to celebrate with you, the people who have supported them for 3 decades.

They are asking you to ‘Walk With Us’ on April 18th. They are hosting a 5km walk, starting from our centre at the top of The Mall, going through Doorly Park. Together, they will then return to The Mall and enjoy a reception in The Model with music and refreshments for participants.

Samaritans in Sligo have been able to help others 24/7 for the last 30 years. Without your support this would not have been possible. They are hoping you will join us in celebrating positive mental health on what promises to be a fun and enjoyable day. To register for the walk you can click this link.

Instagram Art-athon

Riverside Reflections

I’m sorry readers here I am again with the water photos taken with the wonderful D30 Canon waterproof camera That Canon have lent me, it’s going back today. You might have guessed that I’m slightly in love with this handy little camera. I took it along to the Tracey Moberly Art-athon that was running as part of the Bright Side of Life, Spike Milligan Festival. The part I attended was meant to be Instagram but when Tracey saw the camera she suggested we took it down to the Garavogue River and all try our luck with some photos. Here are just some of them.









Tracey Instagrammed some of them which you can find on her Instagram account.

Down by the river


Yes I’m still out and about with the Canon D30 waterproof camera. It has to go back next week so I’m trying to make the most of it. I would love to keep it for longer as I need to start work on my new exhibition ‘Wild Atlantic Wayfarer‘ which is going to be on at the Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo from the end of July until the end of September. I have a whole new series of photos to get and a lot of them will involve me being on the water. So if anyone out there wants to lend me a waterproof camera that would be great….you can email me on


Anyway back to the rest of the photos. All of these were taken down at the river in Coolaney.


I really love this camera. It’s good and sturdy and very easy to use. I think the results are great and I’d love to see what it would get if I took it along the seabed.


All of these were taken with my feet on dry land so the only part of me that got wet was my hand.


There will be a couple more blog posts using this camera until I have to say farewell to it. One day I will win the lottery!

Holiday at Home

Lough Gill

We have had some really beautiful weather this week and yesterday I got the chance to get out and enjoy it and to finally give the Canon D30 waterproof camera an outing. The first stop was to Lough Gill for a bit of Stand Up Paddling (which I’m going to do a separate blog post about).


It was such a cracker of a day. When you get days like this in Ireland you really don’t need anything else, it’s like a little bit of heaven.


I took the photo above underwater with the D30. I love this little camera, it’s a great all-rounder and so cool to be able to use it underwater too.


After Lough Gill it was on to Strandhill to watch the sunset, along with hundreds of other people. To be honest I wanted to go to Dunmoran but Jono and Lucy wanted an ice cream so we went there.

Ice cream at sunset

I know everyone takes photos of sunsets but I do love them.


You’d never think this was Sligo.


I decided to try to video the waves with the D30. I could hear people saying I was going to break my camera because they didn’t realise it was waterproof. I think the video from the camera is great too – see what you think. The only drawback was that although the camera is waterproof my shoes weren’t!!

So that was my lovely day yesterday, it really did feel like a holiday and did me the world of good. Sadly we are back to the rain tonight.