Springtime at Markree

Markree CastleA couple of weeks ago I needed a garden with spring flowers as I had an idea going around in my head for a spring photo. I also needed a small child for the photo. Luckily two people came to my rescue; the first was my friend Mandie and her lovely daughter, the second was Markree Castle who said I could use their gardens.

Markree windowBefore we explored the gardens we went into the castle. It really is a stunning place and the stained glass window is beautiful. I have fond memories of exploring the castle when I volunteered for the Hidden Histories book.

Wood anemonesWe loved looking around the garden and all the flowers. Mandie’s daughter thought she was a princess and she is :)

Flower princessShe was the perfect little model, people photos aren’t usually my thing but I did enjoy taking these.

IMG_2757We walked down to the river and saw snowdrops, we were looking for fish but didn’t see any.

SnowdropsBig thanks to Markree for the use of the beautiful gardens and Mandie and her beautiful daughter for their help.


Good Friday in Sligo

Rosses Point SunsetI was hanging around Sligo yesterday evening as I tend to do now and again usually waiting for one or the other offspring. It was a beautiful evening to I decided to go for a bit of a spin, plus I was looking for somewhere to have dinner…not the easiest thing as the pubs were closed as were some of the restaurants due to it being Good Friday and them not being allowed to serve alcohol.

'for peace comes dropping slow'Anyway I headed to Rosses Point where these three photos were taken, all are just as they were…no adjustments made.

Rosses reflectionsBefore the trip to Rosses Point I first went to Strandhill and Lissadell. I was hoping to get some nice sunset photos but I was too early.

Strandhill Strandhill was packed and as usual there were a few surfers. The photo above is actually colour although it doesn’t look like it.

LissadellNow to Lissadell, a really lovely quiet beach. It has woodland nearby it and there was a lot of wild garlic growing, I managed to catch a bee hard at work.

Bee in wild garlic After the driving around I headed back into town and drove down by the Quay Street car park where I got the shot below. I had to lean the camera on a pole because I don’t have a tripod (well I do but it has a screw loose, a bit like myself ;) ).

Sligo night

Laura May Lenehan

The Voice of Ireland posterLaura May Lenehan is doing Sligo proud and is in the semi-final of The Voice of Ireland. She’s a lovely girl and a fantastic singer so I’d love if everyone got behind her and voted for her.

Laura May at the paradeI had the pleasure of meeting Laura May at the Grange St. Patrick’s Day Parade. She had time to pose for photos even though she was running late.

Laura May and the 'judges'To keep up with all the news about Laura May check out Impact Promotions on Facebook.


Can you help Luna?

LunaI went to visit Luna yesterday. Luna is a beautiful dog in the care of Sligo Animal Rescue and being fostered by Ursula (a real life angel). Luna was found wandering the streets with no food or shelter. Sligo Animal Rescue took her in and she was being fostered until she found a forever home. Some lumps were noticed on Luna’s skin and after diagnosis it’s found that she has a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. She needs chemotherapy to give her some extra time but the chemotherapy treatment will cost €250 a month. Can you help in any way please? Donations can be made online here (please mention Luna in the message). Or directly to St. Benedict’s Vets, Pearse Road, Sligo.

Also if you can spread the word that would be great. Thanks in advance.


The disappearing lake

Lough na SuilFirstly thank you for the kind words yesterday, I’m all good now. Everything happens for a reason and all that. Now for something completely different.

I was out exploring on Sunday and went to visit Lough na Suil (which means the lake of the eye). The lake is located in Ballinphuill between Geevagh and Riverstown and could possibly be classed as a Sligo-secret.

I met a farmer who told me it disappeared every year except last year but from talking on twitter it seems this isn’t the case and it’s only an occasional happening and on doing some research the years that the lake disappeared are 1833,1933,1965, 1985, 2006 and 2012.

IMG_5315There are two different thoughts as to why the lake vanishes. One is scientific about chemical reactions leading to blockages suddenly giving way and the water flowing into underground limestone caverns and caves. Other people claim that the lake has magical powers, according to local legend, it marks the spot where Balor’s ‘evil eye’ fell after he was killed  during the battle of Moytura  over 3000 years ago:  The Evil Eye had opened and its destructive power burned a great hole in the ground where it fell. The hole filled with water and formed Lough na Suil.

IMG_5316Padraig McKeon from twitter uploaded this audio file of local historian/folklorist, late Des McDonagh tells story of Sligo’s disappearing Loch na Suil in 1985.

Just down the road from Lough Na Suil is Lough Bo. Another lovely lake and well worth exploring.


Fund it failure

April MoonFirstly the photo doesn’t have anything at all to do with the blog post but I took it last night so I may as well post it. A lovely friend of mine applied to ‘Fund it’ to try and get me the camera I’m hoping to get and also to enable me to finish Sligo-secrets.

Anyway to cut a long story short the Fund it people said no because they felt the website isn’t creative and that’s what Fund it is about. I can totally understand that and at least I know now, although I was disappointed when I heard as it just seems like I’m never going to get this camera.

I know it’s not a big deal to most people and I was told on my Facebook page yesterday people are struggling to feed their children and they don’t care about me and my camera. So that kind of put it into perspective for me.  I suppose the thing about the photos I take is that it’s all voluntary and I never get paid so to get this camera would enable me to continue as once the camera I have goes back I’m going to be stuck.

So that’s everyone up to date anyway and maybe the people who urged me to do a Fund it campaign will read this. Thanks so much to everyone for your support though.

Sligo Shops – Chiara Poli – The Italian Wardrobe

Chiara Poli

The Italian Wardrobe, a high-fashion Italian boutique located on Market Street, Sligo, first opened in 2008 and moved to a bigger premises in 2012. Chiara Poli owns the shop and told us she moved to Ballyshannon 8 years ago from Italy and doesn’t miss it at all.

Chiara Poli

Chiara said people come from all over Ireland and the UK just to shop in her boutique, which is a reflection of the quality and uniquity displayed in the shop.


The shop captures your attention with its exterior, displaying brightly coloured flowers in window boxes. When I first walked into the shop, I noticed how bright and airy the shop was, and the fact everything was organised and colour coordinated made it easy to navigate my way around the shop. The shop was softly lit and the chandelier hanging from the ceiling really set the ambience of the place.The changing rooms were a real gem (I’d go as far as to say the best changing rooms I’ve ever set foot in!), containing a chair, an array of magazines set on a dressing table and a full length mirror.

Dressing room

The shop caters for sizes 8-24, something that will surely be appreciated by women who feel some shops don’t cater for their needs. Chiara is a bit like a fashion consultant: if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, she will spend time chatting with you to clarify what kind of outfit you have in mind. This is perfect for shoppers who feel a bit out of their comfort zone. Chiara and her assistant Manuela always have time to help you, making for a satisfying shopping experience. The free coffee while browsing is also a welcome bonus!


Chiara said her shop is unique to Sligo because every item sold in the shop is imported from Italy, all from Italian designers and with prices to suit every budget. The shop has a limited number of each item, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll show up to an event wearing the same thing as someone else!


Chiara hand-picks every single item and chooses accessories, shoes and bags to match each item. Chiara tries to stick to natural fibers and specialises in silk, linen and cotton materials in the summer. I can see she really cares about fashion and what she is selling.



The Italian Wardrobe is open Tuesday – Saturday (the shop is closed Sunday and Monday). The shop also has a website. Chiara is happy to post items to you if you find something that catches your eye. If you get the chance, be sure to go in for a look – you won’t be disappointed.

TulipThanks to Lucy for writing this post. You can check out her blog here.

The Sligo Easter Flea Market

Flea Market

Today I headed off to the Sligo Easter Flea Market at The Model. The Sligo Flea Market hosts an array of stalls selling all kinds of items, from vintage bric-a-brac, cakes, vintage clothes, records and trinkets. There are all kinds of treasures to be discovered at the Flea Market.


There were some gorgeous dresses, shoes and jackets for sale from DuMore Embroidery and the Cairde Arts Festival Stall. I love the skirt below, made from money bags by DuMore Embroidery.

IMG_4307There were also lots of edible goodies including these Easter eggs below in their very stylish cups and egg cups. If only my kids were younger I’d have bought some. I did buy the most wonderful piece of bakewell tart from Carrie Hughes Cakes…there would have been a photo but I ate it! It’s the nicest bakewell tart I’ve ever had.


IMG_4315All the stalls were so nicely set out and The Model is a perfect place for the market. You can sit and relax over a lovely coffee in the cafe and catch up with old friends or maybe make a few new ones whilst picking up a bargain at the same time.

IMG_4322Some of the items are very unique. If you haven’t got to the Sligo Flea Market before it really is worth going to, you never know what you’ll find.

IMG_4341Faughts Record Fair were also at the market. I really like the Def Leppard picture disc. Weren’t the old days of vinyl just great! I remember singing along to my albums and even knew when the record was going to jump…it’s not the same anymore.

The next Sligo Flea market is in June, I’m looking forward to going already! The rest of my photos are here.

Rock’n the Green 2014 Launch


Last night was the launch of the 2014 Rock’n the Green Festival. I was taking photos at last years festival, it was a brilliant event, you can read about it here.

IMG_3789Last years festival raised a massive €30,135 which was split between Cystic Fibrosis Ireland and North West Hospice Sligo.

10175062_620195811405899_1501190860_nThis years festival proves to be even bigger and better. Above is the poster and there have been even more acts announced. To keep up with all the news check out their Facebook page.

IMG_3947I really enjoyed the launch last night especially the fire juggler, I thought he was brilliant! So well done to all involved and best of luck with the festival.


Sligo Triathlon Club Try-a-tri

Waiting to go into the swimming poolI was asked to go along today and take photos of the Try-a-tri event. It involved athletes new to triathlons to try-a-tri. It’s the first time I’ve ever taken photos at a swimming pool so I wasn’t sure how they would turn out.

IMG_1759I was pleased enough with the results though.

IMG_1765After the athletes swam they had to run out of the pool and get on their bikes. Some of them even stayed in their swimming gear, they must have been frozen!

IMG_1935After the cycling it was time for them to run. I was worn out just looking at them!

IMG_2205You can find out more about Sligo Triathlon here. The rest of my photos from the day are here.


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