Fund it failure

April MoonFirstly the photo doesn’t have anything at all to do with the blog post but I took it last night so I may as well post it. A lovely friend of mine applied to ‘Fund it’ to try and get me the camera I’m hoping to get and also to enable me to finish Sligo-secrets.

Anyway to cut a long story short the Fund it people said no because they felt the website isn’t creative and that’s what Fund it is about. I can totally understand that and at least I know now, although I was disappointed when I heard as it just seems like I’m never going to get this camera.

I know it’s not a big deal to most people and I was told on my Facebook page yesterday people are struggling to feed their children and they don’t care about me and my camera. So that kind of put it into perspective for me.  I suppose the thing about the photos I take is that it’s all voluntary and I never get paid so to get this camera would enable me to continue as once the camera I have goes back I’m going to be stuck.

So that’s everyone up to date anyway and maybe the people who urged me to do a Fund it campaign will read this. Thanks so much to everyone for your support though.

Sligo Shops – Chiara Poli – The Italian Wardrobe

Chiara Poli

The Italian Wardrobe, a high-fashion Italian boutique located on Market Street, Sligo, first opened in 2008 and moved to a bigger premises in 2012. Chiara Poli owns the shop and told us she moved to Ballyshannon 8 years ago from Italy and doesn’t miss it at all.

Chiara Poli

Chiara said people come from all over Ireland and the UK just to shop in her boutique, which is a reflection of the quality and uniquity displayed in the shop.


The shop captures your attention with its exterior, displaying brightly coloured flowers in window boxes. When I first walked into the shop, I noticed how bright and airy the shop was, and the fact everything was organised and colour coordinated made it easy to navigate my way around the shop. The shop was softly lit and the chandelier hanging from the ceiling really set the ambience of the place.The changing rooms were a real gem (I’d go as far as to say the best changing rooms I’ve ever set foot in!), containing a chair, an array of magazines set on a dressing table and a full length mirror.

Dressing room

The shop caters for sizes 8-24, something that will surely be appreciated by women who feel some shops don’t cater for their needs. Chiara is a bit like a fashion consultant: if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, she will spend time chatting with you to clarify what kind of outfit you have in mind. This is perfect for shoppers who feel a bit out of their comfort zone. Chiara and her assistant Manuela always have time to help you, making for a satisfying shopping experience. The free coffee while browsing is also a welcome bonus!


Chiara said her shop is unique to Sligo because every item sold in the shop is imported from Italy, all from Italian designers and with prices to suit every budget. The shop has a limited number of each item, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll show up to an event wearing the same thing as someone else!


Chiara hand-picks every single item and chooses accessories, shoes and bags to match each item. Chiara tries to stick to natural fibers and specialises in silk, linen and cotton materials in the summer. I can see she really cares about fashion and what she is selling.



The Italian Wardrobe is open Tuesday – Saturday (the shop is closed Sunday and Monday). The shop also has a website. Chiara is happy to post items to you if you find something that catches your eye. If you get the chance, be sure to go in for a look – you won’t be disappointed.

TulipThanks to Lucy for writing this post. You can check out her blog here.

The Sligo Easter Flea Market

Flea Market

Today I headed off to the Sligo Easter Flea Market at The Model. The Sligo Flea Market hosts an array of stalls selling all kinds of items, from vintage bric-a-brac, cakes, vintage clothes, records and trinkets. There are all kinds of treasures to be discovered at the Flea Market.


There were some gorgeous dresses, shoes and jackets for sale from DuMore Embroidery and the Cairde Arts Festival Stall. I love the skirt below, made from money bags by DuMore Embroidery.

IMG_4307There were also lots of edible goodies including these Easter eggs below in their very stylish cups and egg cups. If only my kids were younger I’d have bought some. I did buy the most wonderful piece of bakewell tart from Carrie Hughes Cakes…there would have been a photo but I ate it! It’s the nicest bakewell tart I’ve ever had.


IMG_4315All the stalls were so nicely set out and The Model is a perfect place for the market. You can sit and relax over a lovely coffee in the cafe and catch up with old friends or maybe make a few new ones whilst picking up a bargain at the same time.

IMG_4322Some of the items are very unique. If you haven’t got to the Sligo Flea Market before it really is worth going to, you never know what you’ll find.

IMG_4341Faughts Record Fair were also at the market. I really like the Def Leppard picture disc. Weren’t the old days of vinyl just great! I remember singing along to my albums and even knew when the record was going to jump…it’s not the same anymore.

The next Sligo Flea market is in June, I’m looking forward to going already! The rest of my photos are here.

Rock’n the Green 2014 Launch


Last night was the launch of the 2014 Rock’n the Green Festival. I was taking photos at last years festival, it was a brilliant event, you can read about it here.

IMG_3789Last years festival raised a massive €30,135 which was split between Cystic Fibrosis Ireland and North West Hospice Sligo.

10175062_620195811405899_1501190860_nThis years festival proves to be even bigger and better. Above is the poster and there have been even more acts announced. To keep up with all the news check out their Facebook page.

IMG_3947I really enjoyed the launch last night especially the fire juggler, I thought he was brilliant! So well done to all involved and best of luck with the festival.


Sligo Triathlon Club Try-a-tri

Waiting to go into the swimming poolI was asked to go along today and take photos of the Try-a-tri event. It involved athletes new to triathlons to try-a-tri. It’s the first time I’ve ever taken photos at a swimming pool so I wasn’t sure how they would turn out.

IMG_1759I was pleased enough with the results though.

IMG_1765After the athletes swam they had to run out of the pool and get on their bikes. Some of them even stayed in their swimming gear, they must have been frozen!

IMG_1935After the cycling it was time for them to run. I was worn out just looking at them!

IMG_2205You can find out more about Sligo Triathlon here. The rest of my photos from the day are here.

Michael Wann – ‘self-assembly’ Exhibition

art exhibitionI had the pleasure of chatting to the very talented Michael Wann yesterday. He has an exhibition running at the moment called ‘self-assembly’. It’s a fantastic collection of self-portraits and is running for this month in ‘room’ @ The Model. Room is a contemporary exhibition space designated to the resident studio artists, and is independently programmed and curated.

Michael WannAs luck would have it yesterday was the day I was being followed around by the film crew so I was able to chat away to Michael and take photos as the film crew did their job.

Michael WannI would love to be able to draw and Michael assures me that everyone can. Michael runs drawing workshops exploring a wide range of techniques, using the medium of charcoal for beginners and advanced practitioners. To find out more you can email him

Self-assemblyI really think this exhibition is very special. Each piece captures so much emotion and they each tell a story. If you get a chance do go and see the exhibition.

Jack B. Yeats I first found out about Michael Wann when I saw this stunning portrait of Jack. B. Yeats hanging in the foyer of The Model for Yeats Day, 2013. I honestly think it should be there permanently. It was such an eye-catching portrait and caught everyone’s attention. The foyer looks very bare without it. To find out more about Michael’s work you can visit his website.


The Sky’s the Limit

Mayor Marcella McGarry and me!Life is very strange, you really never know what is going to happen from day-to-day. I got a call on Tuesday, (funny enough that was April Fools’ Day)  from Austin O’Callaghan to ask if I would be interested in doing a bit for a tv programme talking about my photography and my new Sligo-Secrets website. I didn’t need to be asked twice!

Filming at ChaptersCiaran and Mick from Ocean FM were filming me being interviewed by Austin in Chapters Coffee House. It’s for a show called County Matters on Sky Channel 191 – Irish TV, I’m not sure what date it will be aired but I’ll let you know. Thanks to Aileen from Chapters for the photo above and letting us use her facilities – Chapters is like my second home ;)

Michael WannAfter being interviewed by Austin we headed up to The Model to have a chat with the very talented Michael Wann who has an exhibition running in ‘room’ at the moment. I will do a proper blog post about this wonderful exhibition tomorrow.

Paul Keyes and Austin O'CallaghanAfter The Model it was over to talk to Paul Keyes the Chief Executive of the Chamber and Mayor Marcella McGarry. I was very humbled to hear them being so complimentary about my photos, it was such an honour.

The media menIt was a really amazing experience…who’d have ever thought this would happen to me!! We did have some laughs along the way though. I thought it was really funny when we weren’t filming….above are the ‘anti-social’ media men. What a great advert for Apple iPhones!! It took around 3 hours to film 12 minutes. I feel sorry for the poor guys who have to edit the footage. Anyway that was my day today. I wonder what will happen tomorrow!


Sligo Shops – The Vintage Loft



I recently stumbled upon this hidden gem in Sligo Town, and it did not disappoint. Located above Ruby Lane in Johnston’s Court Shopping Centre, The Vintage Loft is a treasure trove of goodies. There are some lovely vintage pieces in here; from clothes to jewellery to hats. You can be sure what you are wearing is unique if you buy something here – and it decreases the chances of walking outside and seeing 50 other people wearing the same thing!

The decor of the shop is charming and really helps set the ambience of the place. You really feel as though you have stepped back in time with the vintage trinkets dotted around the shop.

The shop offers a great selection of vintage dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories – perfect for finding a dainty dress for a special occasion or a fabulous jacket with a unique touch.


The Vintage Loft is a great idea as it is currently the only vintage clothing shop in Sligo town. I think it adds lots of character to the shopping centre and will definitely appeal to those who love vintage or just like to pick up a unique bargain (who doesn’t?) ;)


If you’re around Sligo do pop in to have a browse – there really is something for everyone here. This was a guest post by my daughter Lucy. The rest of my photos are here.

Welcome April

I don’t know about you but this year seems to be flying! It’s hard to believe it’s April already. I was very bold this morning and joked on Facebook that I’d won a camera…I didn’t think so many people would believe me! Maybe one day it won’t be a joke.

House in the fog with sheep

This morning started off quite foggy and now that the clocks have gone forward it’s quite dark in the mornings when I’m walking the dog so I’ll have to get used to that again.

Lough Gill

By the time I got into town the fog had lifted and the skies were blue, it’s wonderful to see the weather so good. It certainly cheers people up and it was great to be able to walk everywhere today.

Boats on a blue river

Let’s hope the weather stays like this for rest of the month (or even the year).

Yellow flowers and a blue sky



A Spring Return To The Hawk’s Well For Kieran Quinn This April

Kieran Quinn in the Hawkswell

Following a sell-out show last November, Kieran Quinn and a new cast of exceptional musicians return to the Hawk’s Well Theatre for what is set to be another night of music to remember on Saturday April 12th.


Kieran released his debut album, ‘Not Just Black and White’ in December 2013 to great acclaim, and looks forward to playing once again with many of the musicians who collaborated with him on the release.


Kieran has had a busy spring since his album came out, including the re-establishment of the popular themed music nights concept at the Velvet Rooms, and the launch of a new themed music night for teens at The Model.


This special night at the Hawk’s Well features Steve Wickham, Cathy Jordan, Seamie O’Dowd, Sinead Conway, Dave Flynn, Gerry Grennan, Felip Carbonell, Anna Houston, Eddie Lee, Steve Kohlmann, Ken McDonald and the Oddsocks this is an event not to be missed.

Felip Carbonell


Not to be missed, tickets priced €20 are now on sale from the Hawk’s Well Box Office Tel: 071 9161518 or visit
For more info on Kieran Quinn’s music, visit


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