Interesting Instagram

Goodnight Sligo

I was relaxing in front of the telly this evening when a notification came up on my phone from Sarah on twitter to say I was in the ‘Daily Edge’ list of ‘25 great Irish Instagram accounts you should definitely follow‘. I’m delighted to be included, as you all know I take way too many photos and share quite a lot on Instagram. I’m @magnumlady there so if you are on Instagram I’ll see you there.

You can see the rest of the list here.

A special night in Sligo

Food and wine night

Joe from The Wine Buff has a great night planned in Sligo on March 12th: A food and wine night with some special visitors.
His friends from the great Montaribaldi Vineyard in Piedmont Italy are coming over to Sligo in early March with some of their beautiful wines. The wines will be served alongside amazing food in the beautiful Broc House, overlooking Lough Gill.

It’s a night not to be missed and there are limited numbers so …..Talk to Joe. Pop into the shop on Tobergal Lane or call him on (071) 914 0020

View from Broc House


The End of a Chapter

Chapters Tomorrow will be a sad day for me as Chapters, one of my favourite coffee shops in Sligo, is closing down.

Chapters holds many happy memories for me. I’ve met with friends there, listened to poetry and readings there, been filmed for TV there, chilled out there. I remember sitting in Chapters many times updating my site when we had no Internet at home. I sat and enjoyed a much-needed coffee and relax in the mayhem of the Fleadh, looking out of the window at the revelry that was taking place in the streets.

Seeds of ideas happened there, views were exchanged, friendships were forged, contacts were made. It was my second home.


Chapters was a very special place, due in the most part to Aileen and Rory (and their wonderful staff). When you set foot in Chapters you were guaranteed to be greeted by a smiling, friendly face. It was like the theme from the programme Cheers – ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name‘.

I’d like to wish Aileen, Rory and all the staff the very best in the new chapter of their life. You are very special people and thank you for everything. Below is just one of the many musical events that took place in Chapters.

Trumpets and Knickers

The Model

Yes I know it’s an odd blog title…but it’s to do with the Spike Sligo stories I’m working on. All will be revealed when the time comes ;) The good people of twitter must think I’m going slightly mad with my talk of trumpets and knickers.It’s been really interesting though, Spike Milligan was a real character. The poor storyteller I met today had his ear chewed off, I have a severe case of verbal diarrhoea sometimes, I really should come with a health warning.

Between all the Spike stories there are a couple of things on the horizon. It’s strange because I’ve really taken a step back as regards photography, purposely so, and it seems that now things are coming to me. Two great things, one I’ve always wanted to do and the other a brilliant opportunity, I’m excited about them both but nervous about one. I won’t blog about them yet…until nearer the time….so watch this space.

The weather was bloody freezing today so I spent time going from Chapters to The Model (hence the photo above) and in to Hargadons for the poetry reading, which was kind of fitting as it’s the anniversary of WB Yeats death today. I got blown into Chapters, bringing with me about a tonne of hailstones. The rest of the customers almost got whiplash turning around to see what the commotion was. It was like being an Artic explorer! I have frightened several small children and the postman today with my banshee like hair, damn wind. Hopefully tomorrow will be calmer.


TV and toenails

Deric Hartigan 3e

It’s been a very busy week. I haven’t had time to bless my self, as my granny would have said (not that I ever do bless myself but you get the idea).

We had a few days of ice/snow/sleet/hail. The usual Irish four seasons in one day weather but the photo above came out of that. I took it on my phone in Doorly Park, Sligo and Deric Hartigan, the lovely 3e weatherman, showed it on the TV. :D Below is another one taken in the same place but looking to my right. Not the best quality because for some reason my phone won’t let me take photos straight from it since I updated the operating system so I had to download it from Facebook. Bloody technology.

Doorly Park

The rest of the week we had ‘mizzle’ I read this on another blog I read. I like to think it means miserable drizzle, Lucy thinks it’s moderate drizzle…if there’s a job for weather forecasting coming up she’ll get it ahead of me ;) So mizzle combined with gusts of wind resulted in me looking like some kind of demented Mary Poppins, walking through town with my umbrella going everywhere except where it should. Seriously though I’m not great with umbrellas, the fact that I’m a shortarse really doesn’t help as I usually end up trying to take someones eye out with it. I think a wetsuit would be the best idea, if only my arse wasn’t so big ;)

Poetry reading

This week I got to go into Hargadons and listen to the poetry reading. It was great, I’ll have to try to get in again. I have to say I love Barbara’s (above) Dr. Martens…I’d like a red pair or a purple pair.

Now on to toenails and be thankful I refrained from taking a photo of this. Jono decided to rip his toenail out, in the middle of the night, during the week….as you do! He must have one very high pain threshold. He had a problem with an ingrown toenail last year which got removed. The nail was growing back and digging into his skin though so he just ripped it out…ouch! It’s not looking great at the moment but hopefully it’ll heal soon.

On top of all that I’ve been busy with the Spike Sligo Stories. I’m so excited with this project, I’m getting to meet some really interesting people and the stories are just brilliant. What a shame Spike isn’t still with us, I’d say he’d be fascinating to meet.

Rachel Quinn

Oh before I forget before Christmas I did a ceramics course with the talented Rachel Quinn. She has another course staring in a few days so if you want to learn something new it’s well worth a try. Above is one of the things I made…well it’s a start ;)

Coming Home

Quiet Man Bridge

Following on my the reason I went to Galway blog and the journey to Galway blog here’s the returning home blog ;) It was one of the most awful days weather wise – the winds made Storm Rachel look like a breeze. In my wisdom I decided to drive home through Connemara (as only I would!) It was so windy I didn’t even see any sheep…maybe they blew away!

Connemara cottage

I did see the Quiet Man Bridge though, I almost missed it as the lane way was blocked by bins that had blown over and the sign was pointing in the wrong direction. No sign of John Wayne though ;)


Connemara is a very beautiful place but it was very desolate and deserted. I was going to visit Clifden and Kylemore Abbey but the weather was so bad and I was quite tired so I decided to just head to Westport for lunch and to carry on home. I will go back again when the weather is nicer though.


In Westport I went for lunch in a lovely cafe called Sol Rio. The warm welcome made up for the lousy day. I had really nice cappuccino which came served with two mini scones and a chicken salad sandwich served on focaccia bread. What I loved about Sol Rio was that you could choose any filling for your sandwich with any choice of bread – a great idea. They also had hot food available and some fantastic looking cakes came fresh out of the oven – too bad my sandwich filled me up or I would definitely have had one….next time.

Sol Rio