Tea and Torture


On Friday we went up to Lough Erne Resort in Enniskillen. I’d won a voucher last year and thought it was about time we used it. The hotel is lovely, it was very welcoming and warm and the staff were very efficient. We’d booked in for Afternoon Tea. We were kept waiting quite a while because the waitress was chatting to the people at the table next to us but we did get served in the end.

Tea time

The Tea Selection was presented to us – there was a huge selection including Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Black to Relax, Japan Classic, Jasmine, Roibosh Vanilla, Mint, Camomile, Red Berries, Lemon Sky, Sports Cup and Irish Whiskey Cream. I’m very boring and just wanted a normal cup of tea! Lucy got some kind of fancy tea and it came with a little timer so she could see when it was brewed. Jono and I just got normal enough tea and I had to ask for milk…trust me, can’t bring me anywhere!

Afternoon Tea

The Afternoon Tea was served. Jono went for the chocolate version..and I think I should have gone for the same. All the Afternoon Teas consisted of 4 small sandwiches (and some of the bread was stale), a scone with cream and jam and some small pastries and sweet treats. It was nice enough but to be honest it wasn’t a patch on the Eala Bhan Afternoon Tea.

Lough Erne Spa

After our tea we went to the Spa. Jono had opted to get a back massage, Lucy and I went for facials. The receptionist was lovely, very friendly and helpful. We were given our robes, towels and slippers and had use of the pool, jacuzzi and steam room before our treatments. Lucy and Jono really enjoyed their treatments I have to say I didn’t enjoy mine though. It’s a Thai Spa so maybe the treatments are different but I didn’t expect my shoulders to be massaged and I swear the masseuse was going for my jugular vein – it really hurt and stupidly I didn’t say anything! She also kept blocking my nose so I found it hard to breath. When we filled out our consultation form there was no mention of what kind of pressure we wanted in our massage as there was in the Eros Spa at the Yeats Country Hotel and during the treatment I wasn’t asked if everything was OK, in fact I wasn’t asked anything. I was very relieved when it was all over. Now I have to say the massage did relieve the pain I’d been experiencing in my back and neck but the next day I was in agony and am only just back to normal today. Is it possible to get whiplash from a facial?? ;)

Lough Erne

So after we had a little time ‘recovering’ from our treatments we went back in to the bar and had something to eat…just to use up the voucher ;)


There was a lovely atmosphere with a pianist playing Christmas songs and the Christmas trees and open fires. The food was lovely and the service was very good. Lucy and I shared a chocolate fondue, we did wonder why the strawberries tasted of garlic though!


All in all it was an experience but not the relaxing one that I’d hoped for. Once again Sligo wins and I would rather have gone to Eala Bhan for the Afternoon Tea followed by Eros Spa at the Yeats Country Hotel. You can read Lucy’s blog post here.

Why not donate your time over Christmas?

Donal Parsons Trust

If you have a bit of spare time over the Christmas season why not donate your time to a charity or organisation that would really appreciate the help. There are so many volunteer opportunities and although it’s a busy time of year, some of them only need help for an hour or so. Here are just a few ideas:

The Donal Parsons Trust would love volunteers to help with their book stall at the Strandhill Market on Sundays and they also need face painters for Santa’s Grotto .

GOAL are looking for men and women of all ages to hold a GOAL Mile in their area. Its easy and fun. Once you have chosen a location and date you need to let people know your GOAL Mile is happening in your community. People turn up, walk/run/jog a mile a make a small donation to GOAL.

Could you ‘Sing for Simon’? Saturday 20th Dec is “Sing for Simon” and the North West Simon Community are seeking individuals/groups/schools/clubs to come together to sing in The Tesco Shopping Arcade in Sligo to raise their voices to help end homelessness in Sligo and surrounding areas.

If you are interested in any of these roles or would like to find out about any other roles you can contact the Sligo Volunteer Centre.




Storms and shoplifting

Stormy Mullaghmore

Today I went storm chasing as we were promised 40 foot waves, although to be honest I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near the sea if it had been that bad. I value my safety and my camera too much. It was quite windy though and while I was waiting for the kids to finish in town I had a drive around, although the light wasn’t the best.

Rosses PointAnyway enough about storms on to shoplifting. I have a confession to make…I accidentally took something from a supermarket the other day, there is a story to it:

I was in a local supermarket, I didn’t bring a trolley or a basket with me because I only wanted two things…but you know how it is you see all kinds of random special offers that you just have to buy, just in case you might need them. So I ended up with arm fulls of shopping and I still needed to get toilet rolls!

As I bent down for the loo rolls I dropped half my shopping on the floor. I had quite high-heeled boots on so I struggled to gather everything up and my knees aren’t the best so I had to drag myself up by the shelves. When I finally stood up didn’t I drop the whole bloody lot of shopping again! So back down to the floor I went and picked it all up again….I was thinking at this time that I should really have been born an octopus or at least have gone in with a trolley. I decided that the best thing to do was put something in my pocket so I put the cream in there.

Of course with my old age my memory is going along with my knees so by the time I’d got to the till I’d forgotten about the bloody cream! So I paid for my shopping, drove home and when I took my coat off I wondered what was weighing down my pocket….oh dear.

So today I went back to the supermarket and confessed my sins and paid for the cream, the girl on the till was laughing at me and said I was very honest, I tell ya the guilt was eating me up! Next time I’m definitely bringing a trolley.

Can you help Sligo animal charities?

Animal Shoebox Appeal

My friend Susan has come up with a great idea to help Sligo animal charities this Christmas. She is running an Animal Shoebox Appeal in aid of: Sligo Animal Rescue, Kath’s Kitty Corner, Little Wings Bird Sanctuary, Precious Paws & Sathya Sai Donkey Sanctuary.

If you can’t fill a shoebox of goodies any donations of food, bedding, leads, collars, cat litter, bird food, poultry feed, blankets etc would be greatly appreciated. Susan knows the donkeys are more difficult to buy for but they do love ginger nuts.

You can leave your donations to Susan at Hotdogz or Keith in the pet section of Homeland (formally Connacht Gold). Please help the animals that don’t have a home this Christmas. Thank you.

A Sligo Sunday

Santa and Monica

I had a lovely day in Sligo today. I had to pick up Lucy from Sligo town and we went to Osta and had pancakes for breakfast. After that we headed to Suzy McCanny’s Christmas Pop Up Exhibition Store. It’s a brilliant idea with all different artists exhibiting their work in one place, I’d love it to be a permanent fixture in Sligo. There were so many things we’d have loved to buy… I wonder if it’s too late to add them to my Santa list ;) To find out more about it you can click here.


After Sligo town we went along to Strandhill People’s Market to see Santa arriving. He was meant to arrive by helicopter but they had a call out so he came by fire engine instead. Santa was in aid of the Donal Parsons Trust and the trust would like to thank Sligo Leader for their grotto. It was brilliant to see all the excited children…and adults!…when Santa arrived.


This is the first time we have been to the Strandhill People’s Market since it’s been moved to Sligo airport. It’s brilliant, there is so much choice and variety.

Cake pops

There was also some amazing food there including sushi, vegan, cakes and loads more. Lucy ‘borrowed’ my camera so she has the best photos, her blog is here.


After going all the way to Dublin for the market last week (and it was awful) I realised yet again we really have the best of everything right on our doorstep. The atmosphere was great and there wasn’t a burnt hot dog in sight. Well done to all involved. The rest of my photos are here and you can find out more about the market here.