The birds

The birds, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

It’s been a busy few days. I still haven’t managed to do a blog about Billy Ocean but I’ll get to it soon.

On Sunday as I was recovering from the Eurovision mum phoned me to say her tv had packed up. So off we went into town to see what we could find for her. Currys had a good selection and the salesman was explaining the differences in the contrast and everything. So mum saw a few tv’s she liked. Only when she went to buy them they were all out of stock! So why were they still on display?

In the end we went off to Argos (which would be much better if it was in the same retail park as Currys and Homebase) and mum managed to get the tv she wanted there.

Yesterday I took her off to Castlebar to have a look around the shops. There are four charity shops there, which is great. There are also a lot of shops that we don’t have here in Sligo. I find the people are much friendlier there are well….and there is a cafe and a free toilet in the Tesco there. In Tesco Sligo there is no cafe and it costs 50 cent to use the toilet!

Today I took Jono into Currys to have a look at the 3D tv’s. They are very cool but at 1900 euro I think we’ll give it a miss…….and that’s just for the tv. The glasses are 160 euro a pair and you also need a 3D blueray player at around 470 euro. If I win the lotto I’ll consider it.

The pic of the birds is because these two have been flying around the garden for the last couple of weeks. They actually landed for a while so I got some photos. Luckily I didn’t take a photo a few minutes before when they were doing what comes naturally……although I did laugh at the look the female gave the male. Talk about scornful… he gave it up as a bad job….lol.