‘Should have gone to specsavers!’

I’m starting to feel a bit better today. Jono seem’s to have picked up the sore throat and headache now and he really does look rough. I had an eye test booked for him today though so I had to take him into Sligo to Specsavers. He need’s glasses for watching tv and looking at the board in school. He tried on a couple of frames, he looks like Harry Potter. We are going back another day to choose properly when he is feeling better.

I finally got my car insurance sorted out. I think the price on insurance here is a joke. 305 euro for a little Nissan Micra, and I’m over 40, with no claims or points. I have figured out that I’m paying for the bit of music Hibernian are using for their advert’s. I don’t even like that bit of music!

I’m quite proud of myself as I managed to sing Poker Face without making it sound like I was swearing. On the subject of music what do you think about Spandau Ballet getting back together? I used to like them….poor old Tony Hadley is looking his age though, bless him.

Talking of 80’s music there is a concert in th TF Royal Theatre, Castlebar next month called ‘Here and Now’ it has ABC, Kim Wilde, Toyah Wilcox, Kid Creole and the Coconuts and more….I’d love to go to that. I used to like ABC.

What about Robbie going back to Take That? Do you think he will? I really don’t think they need him, although he might be able to steer them away from the ‘Combine Harvester’ type songs.


Lazy Sunday Afternoon

First thing to say I’m watching Shayne Ward on the telly….I met him, he was a nice chappy. He was at the opening of Virgin (before it was Zavvi…before it shut down). Meself and Jono only went along to see if we could win something exciting like a Nintendo Wii…we won nothing but we stayed for the craic and to meet the man himself who was lovely…although he needs a few dinners inside him.

Anyway I’m talking crap now (so whats new I hear you all say). 😉

I recovered from the shopping trip yesterday. Andy decided to go into town yesterday afternoon..I never go shopping with him because he drives me up the wall (only when it comes to shopping….just incase he is reading this 😉 ) He came home and told me about a massage cushion in TK Maxx…shame he didn’t tell me about it when he was in there because he could have bought it (Jono has a bad back and we are trying to see if one of these will help him). We had already got one from Argos but it was very harsh…Jono ended up going around the house looking like someone with Parkinsons.

So anyway I had to whizz into town to get it today. Luckily it was fairly quiet in there and I left Lucy at home (so there was no attraction to shoes, skirts, shiny things etc) I just went in, bought it and came home. Well in theory I did but I was behind a couple who were having a barney. I picked up bits of it: She wanted to buy something, he wouldn’t let her, she had a strop, he told her to go and buy it, she then said she didn’t want it anymore. I was just waiting for her to throw herself on the floor like a toddler having a trantrum. 😉

Then when I was paying for the cushion yer man on the till couldn’t break himself away from his chat with his colleague and didn’t even give me a bloody receipt…even though he swore blind he did….that really gets my back up. Customer service has gone to the dogs.

Well to cut a long story short I lost my mind (oh no thats a Spandau Ballet song ain’t it!) I got the massage cushion home and Andy put it on the chair, Jono said it felt a bit odd and when I looked the big eejit had the cushion on upside down 😉

I enjoyed the telly last night. Harry Hill is fantastic, love TV Burp. Then I watching Comic reliefs dance programme (whatever its called) Keith and Paddy doing Dirty Dancing was fantastic.

As the evening wore on the telly got rubbish so Andy and Jono decided to watch this years Eurovision songs…I won’t have to watch it in May now coz I’ve seen it already. Of course the two of them were making comments about everyone singing and Lucy was dancing like a muppet on acid…There’s only so much excitement I can take for one evening so I went to bed with Alan Carr (the book.)