Time to spare? Why not volunteer?

I've been volunteering for a few years now in different roles and for different organisations. There were a couple of reasons I started volunteering; one was to give something back to the community, the other was to meet new people. What I didn't think about was how rewarding volunteering was. It's great to feel that... Continue Reading →

Snap the Spirit Photo Competition

Do you volunteer? Know anyone who does? Been to a volunteer event and taken a great picture? Sligo Volunteer Centre have a great competition running. All you have to do is Snap the Spirit of Volunteerism in Sligo,¬†its positive impact in the local community and the¬†diversity of volunteering in action. Best entries will be shortlisted... Continue Reading →

Volunteering is fun

I've had some spare time recently so I thought I'd try volunteering. We are very lucky to have a volunteer centre here in Sligo and there are so many organisations and charities looking for volunteers for all kinds of things. It's lovely to be able to give something back to the community and it also... Continue Reading →

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