I was walking down Grafton Street in Dublin and saw this poor person asleep in the doorway of River Island. It's like two different worlds.

Cars and competitions

Well today was one of those days! I went out to Gilbert the car this morning and it was as dead as a doornail. Andy was asleep so I decided to grab the power pack we had for jump starting the car and I started it all by myself!! So there I was doing a... Continue Reading →

MS Ireland 2014 Calendar

I got my copy of the MS Ireland 2014 calendar in the post today. I'm delighted to see my photo in it for January. Nice to see Coolaney, Sligo featured 🙂 It really is a lovely calendar with a lot of photos that I wish I'd taken. You can buy it online for €6.99 plus... Continue Reading →

Sligo Gaol

I finally got to take photos inside Sligo Gaol (or jail) this week.  I've wanted to do this for a long time but it isn't open to the public.  Siobhan the Heritage Officer let Sarah (Derelict Nation) and I for a look around on Monday.  The prison was open from 1823-1959, it was also known... Continue Reading →

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