The weekend :)

The photo doesn't really have anything to do with the blog....but I like it anyway 🙂 Today was a fashion  and trinket fair in Sligo. We went to one last month and it was great. It was good this time as well. Lucy got a jacket and some O.P.I so she was happy. I didn't... Continue Reading →


May, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's been a really changable day today. Sunshine and heavy showers. It's been quite cold as well and my oil has almost run out 😦 In between the showers I got out to take this photo. My camera has an lcd panel that tilts so I can see what... Continue Reading →

Thank donkey it’s Friday :)

Thank donkey it's Friday :), originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I am really looking forward to a lie in. It was so difficult getting out of bed this morning. Update on mums car: She has it back now, it needed a new battery and they gave it a full service too. It has to be booked... Continue Reading →

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