A proud day in the household

Yesterday was a proud day for us. Lucy graduated from Athlone Institute of Technology with a distinction. Each student was only allowed to invite two people to the ceremony so me and Laurence (Lucy's boyfriend) were the lucky ones. Lucy has always been really keen on learning, right from an early age she had a... Continue Reading →

Thinking of the next adventure

Well not an adventure but I wanted to do some kind of part-time course. In previous years I've done drama but I decided there's enough drama in my head to keep me going. I really wanted to do an art class but the ETB isn't running one and there's nothing on during the day so... Continue Reading →

Seeing Red

In case you are wondering what this pic is all about I've started a new part-time course. It's a course about film making and this photo gave me the idea for a script I'm writing. The story is called 'Seeing Red' - not sure if I'll post it here yet as it's a bit rubbish.... Continue Reading →

Cooking and Budgeting Course

I started a new course last week. It's a Cooking and Budgeting course. Naively I thought it was going to be cooking on a budget but it's not. There are two parts of it; the first part is cooking and the second part budgeting. As the first class fell on Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes.... Continue Reading →

Give the children their SNA’s

It's said that school days are the best days of your life. Try telling that to the children with special needs and their parents. Due to the cutbacks most, if not all, of the children that had full-time SNA's (Special Needs Assistants) now have to share them or in some cases only have 'access' to... Continue Reading →

Free education my arse

The photo is well suited for this blog with 'Caution School' being very appropriate! I'm one of the lucky ones I only have one school going child now so I dread to think how much some families are paying. Education is meant to be free in Ireland, which is a joke because it certainly isn't... Continue Reading →

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