An excellent day at Edergole

You'll have to excuse this post if it's a bit disjointed as I'm in a food coma as I write it. Lucy and me went on an Introduction to Vegan Cooking Course today at The Edergole Kitchen in Dromahair, Co. Leitrim. Lucy is a vegetarian and has been for a few years, I eat mostly... Continue Reading →


St. Patrick’s Day in Sligo (and Dromahair)

I've had a very busy weekend...and loads to tell you about over the next few days. I just want to point you in the direction of the St. Patrick's Day photos. I managed to get to four parades over two days. Do you remember Phil Collins when he did the UK and the American Live... Continue Reading →

Creevylea Abbey

On my way dropping off and picking up people yesterday (mums taxi). I had a brief stop at Creevylea Abbey, Dromahair, Co. Leitrim. The weather wasn't the best so the sky was a bit dull. These photos are all just taken on the phone....lazy photography again. It was lovely to see the tulips blooming on... Continue Reading →

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