A look back at 2016

It's been an absolute roller-coaster of a year. This time last year I had no idea what was in store for me - probably just as well or I'd have started worrying. Just a few of the big events of 2016: Jono's Journey. If you follow the blog you'll know Jono got invited to play... Continue Reading →

Ideal Homes and Umbrellas

A random title but all will become clear. Yesterday I went up to Dublin for the Ideal Home Show at the RDS. Permanent TSB were giving away free tickets, so happy days. I took the 7am train from Sligo which arrived in Dublin just after 10am. It's a long old trek, I remember years ago... Continue Reading →

A quick catch up

I have another foodie blog to post but didn't want to do two in a row so in between all that eating (and trying to make tomatoes red) we've been out and about trying to make the most of what's left of the 'summer'. I use the term summer lightly as its bloody freezing! The... Continue Reading →

The week that was

So apart from all the events I've blogged about life goes on as normal - whatever normal is. I had to got to Boyle so I got to see my friend Kate which was lovely as always. While I was there I bumped into Sean who has this fantastic website about Boyle, if you want... Continue Reading →

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