Cute kittens

I had the pleasure of photography these gorgeous kittens during the week. They are up for adoption from Sligo Animal Rescue and will be ready in three weeks. If you can give them a home please contact the rescue. Update: All kittens are now booked 🙂

Animals do the funniest things

Well not really the funniest things but I love animals. Rocket-dog seems to have a bit of a thing for he is getting friendly with a neighbour. I know the photo above is blurred but I think it's very sweet 🙂 Or how about a hare that looks like he's riding a tiny bicycle!... Continue Reading →

Shiny, happy, Jesus

Shiny, happy, Jesus, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Now what to tell you. Well firstly today is Fathers Day and as it's the first one without dad it feels a bit odd. I took some flowers to his grave, his name plate has fallen off the wooden cross, I was surprised to see it was only... Continue Reading →

Under Pressure…

No more then usual but I feel like I am today....another really bad night, I slept OK but I'm having such vivid dreams that I'm wrecked when I wake up and today I have the mother of all headaches which isn't budging. On the bright side I had a psychic reading today with Anna who... Continue Reading →

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